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5 Helpful Tips to Preserve Your Home’s Foundation

5 Helpful Tips to Preserve Your Home's Foundation

Preserving and protecting your home’s foundation is key in preventing foundation failure, which can result in safety hazards and costly repairs.

It would be best to grasp how to preserve your home’s foundation since it’s an essential component. You want to water the soil around your home and ensure that plant roots don’t come too close to your home. Here are four helpful tips that can aid in the preservation and protection of your home’s foundation

Keep Your Soil Moist

When there is a drought, the soil around your home can become dry and shrink. As a result, if the soil contracts enough, it can cause your home’s foundation to crack. Keep the soil moist by watering your lawn, and ensure that you water your lawn evenly. 

Pay Attention to Drainage Issues

Drought is as problematic as too much moisture. Excess water makes the ground expand and adds pressure to a structure’s foundation. The best precautionary measure is to install drain spouts that direct excess water to a location away from the house. Retaining walls are an attractive outdoor feature that prevents soil erosion and flooding. In addition, Deep french drains also prevent issues with too much water coming close to your home. In short, you want to do all that you can to prevent flooding. 

Pay Attention to Plant Roots

Along with beautifying a property, plants can drain the soil, especially during a drought. In some instances, they can even create foundation issues. It’s best to plant trees, shrubs, and other plants further than closer to the house.

Utilize Proper Grading

The proper grading ensures water will never directly reach your home’s base or foundation walls. An excellent rule of thumb is to grade or slope your terrain about six inches in 10 ft soil to slope away from your home. 

Install a Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are highly effective for many reasons. One, they are super convenient. You won’t have to sigh as you drag yourself out of bed while getting ready for work to water the lawn. You can time sprinklers so that they water your lawn at dusk every day. Two, sprinkler systems use an adequate amount of water to conserve water, save on water bills, and prevent oversaturation. You can also set up your sprinkler to add extra water during dry seasons. 

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