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Top 5 Masonry Repair Projects

Top 5 Masonry Repair Projects

If your masonry is starting to show wear and tear, you don’t want to delay hiring a professional to have it repaired.

Today’s topic of discussion is masonry repair projects. If your masonry is starting to show wear and tear, you don’t want to delay hiring a professional to have it repaired. Small cracks and severe moisture problems should be on your radar, and you don’t want to wait until cold weather sets in to address these issues. Stone is one of the most robust construction materials on Earth. However, even this tried-and-true material can experience problems due to time, weather, and accidents. In addition, using the wrong cleaning products can affect the appearance of the stone. Here are the top five masonry repair projects. 

Water Damage

Maryland is known for its mild or extreme weather conditions. There’s hardly any in between. High humidity and moisture levels affect masonry. The stone itself is nearly waterproof. However, grout and caulking are not. Masonry can start becoming loose when exposed to too much water. Loose stones aren’t aesthetically pleasing, and this can also cause a surface to become hazardously unsteady. 


Humidity, age, and usage of the wrong cleaning products cause masonry to fade. Fortunately, by hiring Lanham Construction, you can restore stonework and brickwork with a refacing to retain its original beauty. A professional cleaning coupled with specialized products that remove rust, grease, excess grout, graffiti, and other tough stains. Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes color variations in the stone. If you don’t like how this natural effect looks, we can also replace the discolored stones. 


Windstorms, earthquakes, or your foundation settling are usually the results of cracks in the mortar. Water damage can also weaken mortar, exposing the joints to even more damage. It’s time for a masonry repair if the mortar looks like it’s breaking off and there are jagged, cracked edges around the brick or stone. 


Spalling occurs when you ignore water damage, cracking, and other problems. This occurrence happens when water becomes trapped inside bricks, and continuous freezing and thawing cycle causes bricks or stones to loosen and slip out from the joints.  


Lippage is when tiles or stones are uneven. An improper installation results from a tile or stone seeming more elevated than the others. 

If any of these issues with your masonry hits home, call Lanham Construction today. We’re experienced in masonry repair and want nothing more than to keep your home in the best shape. 

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