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Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Home’s Walkway

Signs It's Time to Repair Your Home's Walkway

Concrete walkways are affordable, durable, versatile, low-maintenance, and helpful in increasing the accessibility and appeal of your home’s exterior.

Along with concrete driveways, concrete walkways are a great investment to add to your home. Concrete walkways are affordable, durable, versatile, low-maintenance, and helpful in increasing the accessibility and appeal of your home’s exterior. Listed below are three signs indicating it’s time to repair your home’s walkway.


Cracking is one of the most prominent signs indicating your home’s walkway needs to be repaired. If you can see cracks in your walkway, there is significant damage to your walkway foundation. Even small cracks can quickly spread, turning into bigger cracks. Over time as cracks spread throughout your walkway, plants and weeds can grow up through the fissure from the ground below. Most cracks start when the soil beneath the walkway recedes or erodes, leaving a gap, and the concrete cracks because it is no longer being supported. Cracks will only worsen over time, so it’s important that you contact a contractor for an inspection and walkway repair right away. 


Nothing is more inconvenient than trying to avoid puddles while walking to your front door. Another sign that your home’s walkway needs repairs is if you’re noticing drainage issues on the walkway after experiencing rain or water. Water that pools on your walkway rather than running off can seep into the ground below, causing erosion issues that can lead to extensive cracks and damages to your home’s walkway.

Edge Erosion

Finally, a less obvious sign of damage to walkways is edge erosion, which occurs when your walkway’s concrete edges gradually wear down. Most walkways are molded with a crisp corner. However, over time, weather and traffic wear away at the corners of the concrete. Eventually, they may even start to crumble away. Aesthetically this is not a great look, but it can cause safety issues. Crumbling edges make walkways unstable, making it easier for people to trip, stumble, or fall while walking.

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