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Signs Your Home’s Basement Is Leaking

Signs Your Home's Basement Is Leaking

Water leaks in your basement can result in costly water damage repairs and lead to mold and mildew growth.

The basement is an important aspect of many homes. Basements provide additional space for storing various products, items, and essential utility appliances, such as water heaters, oil burners, washing machines, and dryers. Your basement can also be converted into a usable living space, bedroom, office, or a place you got to relax. Regardless of how you use your home’s basement, you want to ensure that it’s safe and dry. A leaky basement can be dangerous, causing potential health and safety hazards. Water leaks in your basement can result in costly water damage repairs and lead to mold and mildew growth. Listed below are common signs indicating that your basement is leaking.

Structural Issues

Evidence of a leaky basement will eventually present as foundation issues, often with visible cracks. There are multiple ways that excess water can lead to foundation cracking, like when there is excess groundwater in the soil around the foundation, it pushes inwards and causes damage. Similarly, water that pushes up from below can cause damage. This is especially true during winter in regions that experiences a series of freezes and thaws. Water that freezes takes up more space as it expands and presses on the foundation, then when it thaws, the foundation settles again. Water that seeps through the walls can also cause or worsen cracks during freeze-thaw cycles.

Musty Or Mildewy Smells

Water damage will eventually lead to mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew thrive in damp and dark areas, so they often grow unnoticed quickly behind walls and around furniture. Mold and mildew growth often produce a stench that you can smell in the air. If there is enough water, your basement may even feel humid, especially in the summer. If you notice musty smells or humid conditions in your basement, you should call a professional to come in and waterproof your basement.

Water Damaged Walls

Water-damaged walls are easy to spot. If you have a finished basement, you will likely see wetness and eventual discoloration of the drywall. Bare concrete walls can still show visible signs of water damage, usually consisting of wet, dark, discolored, glistening, or shimmery spots. Wet concrete walls may also show mold or algae growth. 

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