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How to Tell If You Have a Damaged Sump Pump

How to Tell If You Have a Damaged Sump Pump

Experts highly recommend replacing your sump pump every couple of years to avoid flooding.

Sump pumps are important components of your plumbing system that help prevent your basement from flooding and with water damage. Experts highly recommend replacing your sump pump every couple of years to avoid flooding. To gauge the overall health of your unit, keep a close eye out for a few warning signs. Read on to learn more!

You Hear Odd Sounds

If you hear strange sounds from your sump pump, it might mean a few of its components are damaged or faulty. A loud or jarring motor could indicate a defective mechanism in your sump pump. Grinding and rattling sounds from the pump could be caused by something getting stuck in the fan at the bottom.

Pooling Water in the Basement

If you notice water in your basement, it might mean that your home’s sump pump isn’t working right. The sump pump pit might experience slight water overflow during heavy storms and rain. However, any excess water should be discharged from the hole quickly. If water builds up in your basement, it could indicate a more severe and expensive problem that has to be addressed.

The Sump Pump Becomes Rusty

If you live in an area prone to floods, the sump pump could need to work more frequently. As a result, the lifespan of the machine will tend to decrease. The corrosion of battery terminals could lead to the formation of rust on your sump pumps. Also, the brown spots that might develop can be caused by germ buildup. Although this poses minimal risk to your health, it could reduce the effectiveness of your drainage systems.

The Unit Won’t Turn Off

If you’re facing trouble with your sump pump constantly running, it could be due to switching or float issues. This might result from the float being unable to respond if the power source stops or the pump shifts inside of the basin. Constant operation of sump pumps might lead to a higher electrical consumption in your house. Also, if your sump pump is running constantly, it won’t be able to handle the additional water load during flooding, and you might have to replace it afterward.

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