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Why You Should Strongly Consider Installing a Sump Pump

Why You Should Strongly Consider Installing a Sump Pump

A dry basement depends on good sump pumps to keep everything in good condition.

Maryland is a great place to live if you enjoy all four seasons and like to experience each kind of weather (nor-Easters, hurricanes, hail, sleet, or even tornadoes). Maryland homes are also prone to having basements, and basements plus any seasonal heavy rains equals floods. There are different solutions that you can try to protect your basement from any flooding and thereby protect your home’s foundation, from interior waterproofing to French drains. The bottom line is that a dry basement depends on good sump pumps. Read on to learn why you should consider installing one if you haven’t yet!

What Actually is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a drainage system. It usually has a drainage tank installed under floor level in your own basement or crawlspace with the pump installed in the tank. The tank collects groundwater as it rises (or flood water as it goes in), and the pump will then pump it out of the basement and away from your home.

How Does It Protect Your Home?

The most direct protection that is offered by a sump pump is that it keeps any water from getting into your basement, cellar, or other crawlspace. Sump pumps prevent flooding, and by preventing flooding, you’re preventing the water damage that might ruin the floors, walls, and anything that is in your basement. A sump pump also helps protect you from the dangerous long-term impact of water damage, and that is mold and mildew. If you never have a flooding event, you do not have to worry about the unseen mold that causes illness. Finally, a sump pump protects your electrical system too. The odds are solid that you have electrical outlets, lighting, and appliances inside of your basement, and if your basement were to experience a flood, the entire electrical system might be damaged.

Who Requires a Sump Pump?

Most Maryland homeowners can benefit from owning a sump pump. If your home doesn’t have below-grade construction, then you may not need one. However, if any of the structures of your home are underground, including a full basement, cellar, or crawlspace, then you should consider using a sump pump. Any space below ground has the possibility to flood and succumb to water damage. A sump pump pumps water safely away before it causes harm.

What If It Doesn’t Work?

The sump pump system works automatically. When the drain tank fills up, the sensor on the pump will activate and pump the water out. The only thing that might keep the pump from truly working is a faulty or damaged pump or lack of power. Many systems include battery backups, so your pump will work even during a power outage.

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