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Innovative Strategies to Combat Against Basement Moisture

Innovative Strategies to Combat Against Basement Moisture

There are some smart strategies to combat basement moisture!

Despite their versatility, homes with basements come with some weaknesses compared to those without. The most common source of any headaches with basements is the foundational element of everything: water. Various factors like leaky pipes, cracks in your foundation, a failure of sump pumps, or humid air condensation could cause moisture buildup inside of your basement. While a small puddle might not seem like much, water intrusion in your basement could be a serious safety and health concern. This is because of the possible damage to the overall structural integrity of your home’s foundation and by creating a space that allows mold to grow in the shadowed recesses under your home, which can pollute the air with spores and represent a breathing hazard for some people. Read on for some smart strategies to combat basement moisture!

Identify the Sources of Your Basement Moisture

To address the moisture buildup in your basement, you must first find where it comes from. These could be internal or external factors, depending on your situation. Internal sources of moisture in your basement could come from plumbing leaks or condensation, which could be evident from water stains on or near pipes and other humid conditions. External factors, like groundwater or rainwater, could be more complex to identify but are usually characterized by rotten seals around your windows, which lead to brown staining along walls or through cracks in the home’s foundation.

Preventive Measures to Help Avoid Moisture within Your Basement

To help defend your basement from possible flooding and moisture buildup, there are a few steps you can take.

– Ensure proper drainage and landscaping. Soil is excellent at absorbing water, but taking care of your landscaping around the home could help, as seasonal grasses help mitigate rainwater.

– Install and maintain the gutters and downspouts, removing debris.

– Ensure the foundation is waterproofed correctly and that all windows have proper seals.

Remediation Techniques

Use some dehumidifiers and moisture absorbers to reduce any condensation and mold growth, and install ventilation and fans to encourage air circulation inside and outside of your basement. Remember to seal all cracks in the foundation and seek professional help for vertical cracks more than three to four inches in length. Look for mold growth spots and scour them clean with mold removers and undiluted vinegar for the best possible results. Give Lanham Construction a call today for help with waterproofing your basement.

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