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When it comes to your masonry needs, look no further than the professionals at Lanham Construction. In fact, we offer quality construction in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. area. This means, you can trust us with all your masonry needs.

Chimney Repairs

Chimney RepairsThere is nothing better than a roaring fire on a chilly night. You will need a properly working fireplace to effectively and efficiently cuddle up near a fireplace in your home to enjoy the effects of a fireplace. But in order to ensure that your home stays safe, having your chimney cleaned and swept becomes integral to your home. As a result, we, at Lanham Construction are here to help repair your chimney if it experiences any issues. Ultimately, we can replace the concrete and repair any cracks in the exterior veneer. In certain cases, if required, we can even replace the exterior veneer entirely. No matter your masonry needs, our experienced professionals will provide all our customers with a detailed proposal for the best options you have to ensure your masonry issues are resolved effectively and efficiently. This allows our customer to make the ultimate decision on the best route to take to fix their home or office building.

Masonry Needs At Your Request

Chimney CleaningAre you having your chimney cleaned and inspected regularly? If so, you can save a lot of money on repairs and replacements down the line. When you have a chimney in any of your residential or commercial properties it is integral to keep it properly maintained. A chimney requires the ultimate in maintenance for everyone’s safety. If the chimney for a gas unit has clay lining, or if the steel lining is corroded, you should make sure to get it inspected every one to two years. Additionally, you should consider getting the lining replaced with a more durable material. These are some of the types of details that our professionals can help you with in their proposals for the masonry services that would work best for you and your specific needs. This gives you the options you need to make the most informed decision when it comes to your residential or commercial property.

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Whether it’s masonry, a new build, or waterproofing that you need, Lanham Construction is here to ensure you get what you need from any build or repair you have planned. Give us a call today to see how we can help ensure your new construction build or repair is a success. Our experienced technicians and professionals are here to answer all your questions to determine the best way to fix any issues you may have with your home or office building.

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