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Crucial Facts to Know Before Installing a Sunroom

Crucial Facts to Know Before Installing a Sunroom

A sunroom could be the best indoor and outdoor space for relaxing, entertaining friends and family and enjoying nature while staying comfortable in a furbished room.

Do you like the idea of sitting in a comfortable chair with a mug of coffee as the sunlight beams in? A sunroom could be the best indoor and outdoor space for relaxing, entertaining friends and family and enjoying nature while staying comfortable in a furbished room. A sunroom addition is a great way to add to your current indoor square footage without giving up the benefits of your outdoor or backyard space. Read on to learn about a few important facts before you install a new sunroom!

What Really is a Sunroom?

A sunroom, which is sometimes known as a solarium, is a room with glass walls and plenty of windows that allow daylight to enter your home and give you views of the outdoors while also protecting you from both the weather and the elements. A few sunrooms also have glass ceilings and skylights built into them to allow even more sunshine into the room.

Where to Build the Sunroom

Picking the location of the sunroom addition is one of the most crucial pre-construction decisions you will have to make. Before investing your money, time, and energy into adding a new room. It is important to carefully consider how the new space will work with the layout and design of your current home. With a sunroom addition, it is crucial to consider the type of home, how much sun you want in the room, and when? Consider building a south-facing sunroom if you want a space that captures as much sun as possible. An easy-facing room will let you watch the sunrise in the morning, while west-facing sunrooms provide late-afternoon and evening sun in addition to any sunset views. Usually, sunrooms are attached to and are accessible from your home. However, sunrooms could also be built as detached structures situated somewhere else on your home’s property.

The Budget

Think about how much you will want to spend on a sunroom addition and vet a home builder you should consider working with to ensure you get high-quality work for a decent price. It is a smart idea to pick a local home builder with a lot of experience building home additions and a solid portfolio as well. The cost of building a sunroom addition could vary depending on a few factors like the size of the room, the kind of sunroom you decide to build, whether you want to build an attached or detached sunroom, materials, and labor costs. Get in touch with Lanham Construction if you’d like to learn more about sunrooms and how much they will cost to install!

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