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The Best Ways to Fix Chimney Crown Damage

The Best Ways to Fix Chimney Crown Damage

This blog contains ways you can fix chimney crown damage.

Unless you start a fire this winter, you probably do not think about your home’s chimneys much. However, these appliances have a few key components that require consistent maintenance. One of these components is a chimney crown, which is located at the very top of your chimney and plays a huge role in protecting it from possible water damage. Unfortunately, chimney crowns can become damaged as time passes due to exposure to weather or other elements. Read on to learn how you can fix chimney crown damage!

What Actually is a Chimney Crown?

Chimneys are made up of multiple parts, one of which is a chimney crown. This crown-shaped concrete slab sits on top of the flue and serves two important functions: it helps keep all the water out, and it also provides a base for mortar joints between bricks and other masonry that make up the chimney’s exterior.

How Can I Tell If My Chimney Crown is Damaged?

The most common reason for chimney crown damage is usually water intrusion because of poorly sealed and missing mortar joints. Over time, these joints will wear down and allow water to seep through your chimney. In addition, harsh weather conditions like strong winds and hail can also cause damages to your crown. Soil shifting might also cause cracks, which weakens the overall strength of your home’s chimney.

How to Repair Chimney Crown Damages

There are a couple of different methods for fixing chimney crown damage. The most common method is by resealing the crown. This involves using sealants to close any gaps or cracks in the crown. This is done by chipping away at the crown’s surface, preparing and cleaning it for the sealant. Our team of professionals are able to help you determine which kind of sealant is the best fit for your home’s chimney. Another option is to repair damaged mortar joints with fresh mortar. Cement could seal big cracks and help strengthen the overall structure of the chimney. If the damage is extensive, replacing your crown with a new one might be necessary.

Professional Chimney Repair Services

In a lot of cases, you have to enlist the assistance of professional chimney repair companies to address any chimney crown damages correctly. At Lanham Construction, our experienced staff members can inspect your chimney and provide a better assessment of the needed repair work. We’ll also be able to recommend the best course of action for restoring the chimney to its best possible condition.

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