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Consider Concrete Flooring For Upgrades To Your Home

Consider Concrete Flooring For Upgrades To Your Home

One flooring option that you might not have considered, but one that is increasingly popular every day, is concrete flooring.

The floors that make up your residence are an important component of not just the physical structure of your house, but also the aesthetic feel of your home. When it comes time to upgrade your floors, either as part of a larger remodeling project or simply to refresh the feel of a room, you will have hundreds of options to sift through. There’s hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, tile flooring, vinyl flooring, and more. There is flooring in just about every single color, style, and pattern you could imagine. One flooring option that you might not have considered, but one that is increasingly popular every day, is concrete flooring. That’s right, concrete floors are cool, and they are so much more than an old garage standby or grubby warehouse-chic fad. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of concrete flooring and perhaps find some inspiration to give it a try in your home.

Benefits Of Concrete Flooring

There are many benefits of concrete flooring. First, concrete is an extremely durable material. There is a reason that it is a primary construction component. Concrete is also sustainable. This eco-friendly material is also probably already installed as the subfloor in parts of your home. If so, it is a matter of uncovering it (the most cost-effective option), but if it is not and you have to install a new concrete floor, it is still one of the most cost-effective flooring choices. Concrete can even be used to replicate other types of flooring, including natural stone (even ornate styles like marble), tile, and brick. Concrete can also be colored to match any design or aesthetic. Concrete floors are also very low maintenance and can last for decades. A professionally installed, waxed, and sealed concrete floor can last up to 100 years, even with intense commercial use. Cleaning the concrete is easy with soap and a mop, and waxing and sealing it only needs to be done 1-2 times a year.

Disadvantages Of Concrete Flooring

The biggest drawback of concrete flooring is that it is very hard and can be cold. During the summer, this is often welcome, but a cold concrete floor in the middle of winter can certainly be an uncomfortable experience. Most people solve this with throw rugs during the winter months. Additionally, concrete floors that are not professionally installed or are not properly waxed and sealed as needed may be sensitive to moisture

Concrete Flooring Inspiration

Concrete floors are a common sight in garages, but they are also becoming increasingly popular for kitchens, offices, and bathrooms. Concrete floors in offices often lend a feeling of sophistication, while in kitchens, the neutral palette makes it easy to design and redesign the kitchen in various styles. 

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