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Coloring Concrete FAQ

Coloring Concrete FAQ

If you’re looking for fun projects to update the look of your home, consider adding some color and personality to your concrete.

If you’re looking for fun projects to update the look of your home, consider adding some color and personality to your concrete. There are so many places that we use concrete in and around our homes, and if you were already planning to repair or update them, this is a great time to consider this aesthetic addition. Adding color to concrete is surprisingly easy and it can make a really impactful statement. While you can technically dye concrete any color of the rainbow, the most common choices tend toward earth tones. Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about colored concrete and how you can use it to improve your curb appeal. 

How Do You Add Color To Concrete?

Color can be added to concrete while it is being mixed. Colors often come in either a liquid or a powder pigment that can be mixed in to achieve the desired color. It is important to remember that colors in wet cement don’t dry to the same shade, and a professional contractor with experience in using colored concrete should be facilitating this project for you. If you have hardscaping that you already have in place that you want to color, you should ask your contractor about staining existing concrete.

What Colors Are Available?

Concrete can technically be colored any hue, but the most common colors that you will find will typically be shades of gray and earth tones. Talk to your contractor about the final look that you’re hoping to achieve and they will be able to help you figure out if it is feasible and if it will really look as good as you think it will.

How Do I Choose The Best Colors?

Choosing the best colors will depend on a lot of factors, the biggest of which are your style and how your house looks. If you tend to be whimsical and you really want a “yellow brick road” walkway through your garden, there is nothing stopping you from combining yellow concrete with a brick stamp and creating that look. Most people tend to choose colors that go well with their house color and also tend toward grays and earth tones. However, if you really want a multi-colored concrete patio, it could potentially be an option with the right contractor.

What Concrete Projects Should Be Colored?

Pretty much any project that you have in your yard that involves hardscaping could conceivably use colored concrete. The most common ones would be the driveway, walkways, and patios. In a similar way to how you might use stamped concrete to add a decorative element, you can use color as well. 

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