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It’s Time To Get Your Patio Summer Ready

It's Time To Get Your Patio Summer Ready

You’ve still got over a week till the official start of outdoor living season, so you can still get your patio summer ready. Here’s how!

Have you looked outside lately? The flowers are blooming, everything is vibrant and alive, and the sun is even shining bright and warm more often than not. It’s almost like summer is almost here… because it is! Is your patio ready? Fear not, you’ve still got over a week till the official start of outdoor living season, so you can still get your patio summer ready. Here’s how!

Start Off Fresh And Clean

If your spring cleaning work didn’t make it out to your patio yet, now is the time. Take time to clean it up, sweeping away the debris from the past seasons. If you need to scrub or power wash, choose one of these nice weekends to get it done. This is a good time to schedule repairs if your patio or sunroom floor needs them as well. If you notice that your patio needs help, this is one hardscaping project you should not put off.

Incorporate Elements Of Use

The size of your patio will determine how much you can do out there, but generally even the smallest patios can become relaxing spaces. Prioritize the use you really want to get out of your patio. If you know you want to eat out there, maybe set up the grill close by even if there isn’t room for it on the patio itself. If you want to add a hot tub, situate that first and then use the remaining space around it for other things. Don’t forget to include important elements like lights and bug repellant things (citronella torches or bug zappers, for instance).

Add Some Sparkly

Unless it is your aesthetic, this doesn’t mean that you have to literally add sparkly items. It just means that you should add some beauty. One of the easiest ways to add pops of color is with cushions and throw pillows. Choose things that go with your landscaping or your home décor and that make you feel happy when you’re around them.

Find Ways To Beat The Heat

Don’t forget that it gets really hot in the summer here. Incorporate ways to beat the heat now, including installing a fan if you can, or at least arranging for some shade. This could be with a permanent structure or something temporary like an umbrella or pop-up. If you don’t have the means to have electrical fans over your patio, consider landscaping with more green, leafy plants to cool the area and possibly even installing a water feature (since moving water brings moisture that can help an area feel cooler).

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