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Small Patio Ideas When You’re on a Budget

Small Patio Ideas When You’re on a Budget

Many affordable home goods and home improvement retailers can help enhance your patio when on a budget. Here are some small patio ideas!

A small backyard space doesn’t have to stop you from having your dream outdoor living space. When you know how to design it, a small patio isn’t a significant problem. You can also sigh in relief knowing that not having thousands of dollars to decorate your patio isn’t a problem. Since the space is small, you don’t need to add many accessories. Plus, many affordable home goods and home improvement retailers help you enhance your patio when on a budget. Here are some small patio ideas when you don’t want to break the bank. 

Create a Multi-Functional Space

When saving space is essential, you want to design it to function for multiple purposes. It’s best when your outdoor living space adapts to different needs, guests, and functions. The following design tips will help you create a multi-functional space: 

  • Choose furniture that works for multiple occasions.
  • Pick movable furniture
  • Use a mobile bar cart to house easily accessible food and drinks. 

Small Patio Ideas to Make Your Patio Appear Larger 

You can make your outdoor living space appear larger when you don’t design it with oversized furniture. Plus, the bigger the table and seating, the more money you’ll spend. We suggest choosing a few statement pieces that fit the space. Maximize your space by considering the following small patio ideas: 

  • Add potted plants to the corners of your outdoor living space.
  • Add vertical hanging plants and string lights.
  • Include a privacy screen or chandelier.
  • Consider adding curtains for privacy.
  • Add enough seating to ensure the area feels like a socializing hub (but ensure that people have enough room to walk around comfortably without bumping into furniture or people) 
  • Try minimalistic decor to make this area feel roomier versus cluttered.

Small Patio Ideas to Make Your Patio Feel Cozier

Do you want your outdoor living space to feel warm and inviting? If so, ensure this area is an extension of your home’s interior. Try out rugs in earth-toned colors, woven rope furniture, or any outdoor furniture with texture. Consider adding layers with pillows, throws, and an ottoman. Candles and lanterns also create a unique space. The goal is here to add dimension. 

Outdoor Patio Furniture and Accessories That Aren’t Clunky

Here are a few pieces that don’t take up a lot of space: 

  • Farmhouse style benches
  • Ceramic planter stands
  • Woven side tables and accent tables 
  • Patio daybeds with cushions 
  • Loungers
  • Lounge, rocking, and patio egg chairs
  • Bistro sets

When picking out patio furniture, you want to measure the area first. Buying outdoor furniture or accessories without clearly indicating that they won’t overwhelm or clutter the space or fit is not the best idea. Our final tip is that you also want to set a clear budget before buying anything. If you establish a budget beforehand, you won’t have to worry about overspending. 

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