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How Concrete Foundation Waterproofing Protects Your Home

How Concrete Foundation Waterproofing Protects Your Home

Foundation waterproofing keeps your home dry and safe from structural damage. Here is more information about this protects your home.

Your foundation is vital to your home’s health and stability. Your home suffers when the foundation becomes damaged or loses its structural integrity. In many cases, water is the culprit of this. It’s time for concrete foundation waterproofing if you’ve noticed leaks or mold in your home. Foundation waterproofing stops water from infiltrating your basement, keeping your home dry and safe from structural damage. Here is more information about how concrete foundation waterproofing protects your home. 

The Benefits of Concrete Foundation Waterproofing

Water infiltration causes foundation wall cracks. However, it also makes your basement damp and musty. Basement humidity also creates an environment susceptible to mold growth and rot. Furthermore, when moisture seeps into a basement, it attracts insects, mice, and other pests trying to escape the warm weather outside. 

You should also know that at least half of the air you inhale in your home comes from the basement or below-grade areas. The reason for this is the “stack effect,” meaning that the polluted air in your basement travels upward into your living areas. This air can cause respiratory issues because it carries dust mites, mold spores, and other contaminants. Waterproofing keeps water out, promotes better indoor air quality, prevents mold, and fortifies your home’s foundation. 

When to Waterproof Your Home

We suggest never delaying foundation or waterproofing repairs because these small cracks and gaps become more pronounced over time. When you first buy a home, you should consider foundation waterproofing. Ideally, it’s best to buy a home with adequate waterproofing. If the house isn’t, you should negotiate with the seller to see if they will kick in the costs of waterproofing the home before you buy it. However, if you already own your home, you shouldn’t wait any longer to have it waterproofed. The longer you wait, the more problems increase and become costlier.

Four Ways Concrete Foundation Waterproofing Happens

Different systems and strategies are the best approaches to waterproofing a concrete foundation. Combined, the methods described below maximize protection against unwanted water in your basement

Installing and Repairing Your Gutter System

Water from the roof should go far away from your home. Otherwise, the water will sink into the foundation. When you install and repair your gutter system, rainwater will reroute from your home before causing issues. Ensure that your gutters and downspouts are blockage-free. You also want your downspouts at a downward angle to drain water away from your foundation. It’s also crucial for your yard to slope downward to aid in proper drainage. 

Covering Exterior Window Wells

Do you have basement windows? If so, the exterior window wells need a covering to prevent rainwater from accumulating in the well. See-through covers are best to ensure that your basement still has natural light.

Investing in an Interior Drainage System

If water finds its way into your foundation and basement, there must be a way to intercept and remove it immediately. An internal drainage system and sump pump will do just that. Interior drainage channels sit below the concrete basement floor to catch leaking water and redirect it to the sump pump. Then, the sump pump ejects the water from your basement. You can also combine these solutions with a vapor barrier on the walls. 

Dehumidifying Your Basement

A dehumidifier will control your basement’s humidity levels to ensure the space is dry, comfortable, and usable. Your home will be less vulnerable to mold, pests, and rodents. 

Finally, remember that concrete foundation waterproofing is not a DIY task. It’s best to leave this job to us, Laham Construction. Our waterproofing and concrete services will leave your home in the best shape. 

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