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Three Sunroom Styles to Consider For Your Home

Three Sunroom Styles to Consider For Your Home

What is it about spring that makes you want to enjoy the outdoors? Here are some sunrooms that allow you to enjoy the outdoors your way.

What is it about spring that makes you want to just get outside into nature? These beautiful spring days are so inviting that many people move a lot of their leisure activities onto decks and patios or out into sunrooms. An outdoor living space, like an enclosed sunroom, is one of the best investments you can make in your home. If you are thinking about adding on to your home, with a sunroom, a deck, or a patio, know that they are all fine choices. Adding an enclosure for a deck or patio will allow you to use it even in less than ideal weather and will allow you refuge from insects. Sunrooms have the added benefit of typically being useable year-round. Here are three types of sunrooms that you should consider for your outdoor living addition.

Traditional Sunroom

A traditional sunroom is a true extension of your house. Built onto the existing structure, it is typically framed with the same types of building materials as the rest of your home. The aspect that makes it a sunroom is the inclusion of windows and doors (often lots of them) to let in as much light as possible. The doors and windows all typically open so that you can let in fresh air during the warmer months (or are made to be retractable), but close to keep out the cold in the winter. Typically the roof of a traditional sunroom is made of standard roofing materials, but it could have skylights. Since traditional sunrooms are build on to the house, it is typically easier to tie them into the existing electrical systems.


A solarium is typically attached to the home as with a traditional sunroom, however the solarium is almost entirely of glass (aside from faming materials). The ceiling specifically is typically made of transparent materials in a solarium to let in as much sun light as possible (whereas a traditional sunroom typically has an opaque roof). The glass walls of a solarium might open or they may be permanently closed.


A conservatory is very similar to a solarium in that it is typically made almost entirely of glass. However, a conservatory is usually separate from the house. If you currently have a floating deck or a patio in your garden, a conservatory could be a great addition for that space. The whole point of a conservatory is to let you have space to relax in the midst of the garden (and work on the garden), without having to fight off bugs or worry about the weather.

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