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4 Signs That Your Home’s Foundation is Failing

4 Signs That Your Home’s Foundation is Failing

Your home’s foundation is one of the most vital components of your home’s structure.

Your home’s foundation is one of the most vital components of your home’s structure. When your foundation fails, the whole structure of your home is compromised. Paying attention to common signs that indicate a problem with your home’s foundation helps catch foundational failure early on, preventing foundation damage from becoming too extensive, resulting in costly repairs. Continue reading to identify four common signs that your home’s foundation is failing.


There are various reasons you’re finding cracks along with your home’s interior and exterior. However, if you’re noticing large cracks with a zig-zag pattern, this is a common sign indicating foundational failure. If you’re unsure, it’s best to contact a professional to help you identify the reasons behind the cracks in your home’s interior and exterior.

Sticking Windows and Doors

Although fixing a stuck window or door is generally easy, it’s just a minor fix to a major problem. A stuck window or door is generally a sign of foundation issues. The slightest shift in your home’s foundation causes the frames around your windows and doors to shift as well, making it increasingly difficult to open or close the windows and doors in your home.

Uneven Floors

Uneven, sinking, sagging, bowing, dipping, or squeaking floors are common signs indicating foundation issues. Along with an unappealing look, uneven flooring is dangerous for occupants in a home. Contact a contractor right away to keep your home safe and repair foundational failure.

Moisture in Your Crawl Space or Basement

Most homes experiencing foundation failure have moisture in their crawl space or basement. Moisture typically enters these spaces through foundational cracks. An excess amount of water in your home’s crawl space or basement can result in bugs, rotting wood, flooding, and mold growth. You can identify moisture in your crawl space or basement through leaks, water stains, and the smell of mildew.

There are many reasons why your home’s foundation could be failing, including poor construction, drainage issues, and ground movement. Homeowners often overlook these common signs that indicate problems with their home’s foundation, resulting in costly damages and repairs. However, the best way to identify the problem is to contact a local contractor to help you with your home’s foundational needs.

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