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Cleaning Your Concrete Driveway

 How to Clean Your Concrete Driveway

Common household products can help safely clean stubborn stains out of your concrete driveway.

Life happens! Sometimes all over your concrete driveway. Fortunately, it’s not as hard to clean as you may be thinking. While concrete can be a delicate surface, there are many ways you can clean it at home without the worry of damaging your driveway. Here are a couple of suggestions for how you can lift those stains out of your driveway and keep it looking new

Prepare Your Concrete Driveway

Before using any stain remover, you should prep your concrete driveway. Start by using a leaf blower or broom to remove any loose dirt. Then if you have any weeds growing through your concrete, make sure to remove those too. 

Spot Cleaning Fresh Stains

Wet or fresh spills on your concrete driveway can be sopped up using sawdust or kitty litter if you have them. Once you apply them to the spill, let it sit for 20 or 30 minutes, then use a shop vac or a broom to remove the leftover debris. This method works best on fresh stains. If you have any older or stubborn stains, not to worry! 

Cleaning Set-In Stains 

Since concrete is porous, it can be tricky to get those set-in stains out. Here are a few different methods you can use to get any stubborn stains out of your concrete driveway

    • Laundry Detergent:  Okay, hear us out. Liquid laundry soap has surfactants that attach to dirt and grime, which is why it works so great for clothes! You can apply the detergent to the stain and gently scrub with a nylon scrub brush (not metal!). Then just rinse it off with some clean water. 
    • Bleach Solution and Water: You can use a bleach solution to brighten up large spots on your concrete driveway. It’s recommended to dilute your bleach with water at a 1:1 ratio. Combine in a spray bottle or a garden sprayer and apply it to your driveway. Wait 10-20 minutes for it to soak into your driveway, and then you can scrub with a nylon brush. Rinse it well with clean water after. Please take caution when using bleach, and always wear gloves and cover your skin before using it. 
    • Power Washer: If you’re having a hard time getting stains up, a power washer can be highly effective on your concrete driveway. Start with low pressure and do not exceed 2500psi, or you could damage the concrete. Be sure to wear your safety equipment and cover any plants or windows close by.
    • TSP or Concrete Cleaner: Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) is a strong concrete degreaser. If any of the above methods haven’t been successful, this would be a good option. It can also remove paint and mildew from your concrete. However, it would be best to use care since this chemical is very acidic and can cause burns. 
    • Call a Professional: To remove the most stubborn stains, you can always call a professional to help. They will make sure you don’t cause any damage to your concrete driveway. 

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