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4 Signs Indicating Your Home’s Masonry Needs to Be Repaired

4 Signs Indicating Your Home's Masonry Needs to Be Repaired

If you notice any signs of damage to your masonry foundation, you should address them as soon as possible and have someone come out to do the repairs.

We use the word “foundation” to refer to the building blocks, support, and most fundamentally important parts of something. The foundation of anything is vital to its continued well-being, and your home’s foundation is no different. It holds everything up. This also means that issues with your home’s foundation could be a huge problem. If you’ve noticed any of these signs of damage to your masonry foundation, you should address them as soon as possible and have someone come out to do the repairs.  

Withdrawing Walls

One of the major masonry repair signs that you should be looking at when you’re inspecting your home masonry is walls that are pulling away from the house. That can sound a little weird – essentially, all homes settle, but when the ground around your home is dry, it can cause the masonry foundation to settle more than expected. When the foundation settles faster than expected, its walls can pull away from the roof – especially brick walls. If you notice this, call a masonry professional.

Crooked Doors or Windows

When windows and doors are properly installed, they are level. Over time as the foundation settles, the goal is that they stay level. However, when there are foundation issues, most windows and doors don’t stay level. You may notice that the window glass cracks, they become harder to open and stick routinely, or they hang visibly crooked. 

Sloped Floors and Internal Cracks

Sometimes an unusual amount of settling is a sign that the foundation of the building is bad and needs masonry repairs. You may recognize that a lot of settling is happening by changes in the floors and walls. You may see internal cracking in the walls of the home. You may also notice the floors starting to slope. Usually, it is not enough of a tilt that you’ll notice when walking around, but you may notice if you have balls or round toys on the floor or spill liquids.

External Cracks

The most common masonry issue that most people look out for is cracking – if you notice substantial cracking of your foundation, you should call a professional to check it out. Small cracking isn’t usually concerning, but larger cracks can signify a bigger problem. Similar to cracking, bulging the walls can also indicate a bigger problem for your home’s masonry. 

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