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How Retaining Walls Work So Well with Your Property

How Retaining Walls Work So Well with Your Property

Customers love the way retaining walls address erosion and protect the foundation of their entire property.

Retaining walls are a technical name for a practical and beautiful landscaping feature. We typically recommend installing them to customers for their aesthetic qualities and helpful qualities, as they’re quite dynamic. We find that customers love the way that they address erosion and protect the foundation of their entire property. They also use all of the walls as added privacy and can transform them into raised landscape beds to help benefit their natural surroundings. Read on to learn how retaining walls from Lanham Construction can work seamlessly with your property!

Retaining Walls Can Help Prevent Erosion

If you’ve already put in time and money into your lawn and property, whether that means weed control, fertilization, or landscaping, these walls help you protect that investment. The walls, if planned well, redirect water from runoff and rain, so it does not pool and affect the essential areas of your lawn and cause erosion. Soil erosion is subtle but can be powerful. In some extreme cases, redirecting water also prevents flooding that could damage your home and ruin any essential belongings inside. Walls are created out of durable hardscaping materials like sandstone, granite, and limestone.

Retaining walls are also commonly built out of stone blocks. These materials will help ensure that your new retaining walls are now a lasting investment that benefits your entire property for decades to come. Erosion can also affect the foundation of your property. Soil erosion damages your property as time passes by, reducing the stability of the ground that supports the structure of your house. Retaining walls are an excellent feature to install to help protect your home and land.

Retaining Walls Can Make Your Lawn More Enjoyable

Retaining walls are a true and tried property investment, but they can also be a part of the landscaping in your yard in a way that makes your lawn a much more enjoyable space to visit and live in. For example, a lot of people use retaining walls for privacy. This allows them to roam around their yard in peace without worrying about any potential visibility from the road. The retaining walls can also make an excellent raised bed for beautiful and unique landscaping. Gardeners love the ability to turn any hills in their backyard into much more useable land for planting trees and flowers. Retaining wall designs are one of the things that we love the most about them, so if you’d like to install some for your next project, give us a call!

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