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The Benefits of Concrete for Your Residential Driveway

The Benefits of Concrete for Your Residential Driveway

Installing a brand new concrete driveway can improve the overall curb appeal of your house.

Installing a brand new concrete driveway can improve the overall curb appeal of your house, increase its property value, make snow removal easier during the winter, and provide extra parking for your vehicles. If your driveway is crumbling or cracked, or you’re currently building a new house and researching different driveway materials, you should get in touch with Lanham Construction. We are focused on quality in materials and workmanship, excellent customer service, and have a reputation for long-lasting and durable concrete products. Read on for some benefits and advantages of concrete as a material for your new residential driveway!

Concrete is Aesthetically Pleasing and Versatile for a Residential Driveway

Concrete looks clean, will brighten up your home and yard, and comes in many different colors, design styles, and textures. Choose from the classic broom finish or get a bit creative with a pattern stamped concrete, so it looks like tile or cobblestone. You could also install some acid-stained concrete. This gives you a dash of color and style options from marble-look to earthy tone browns, red browns, and even greens. Do not be scared to get a bit creative with your concrete and residential driveway design!

Concrete Helps Boost the Re-Sale Value with a Residential Driveway

Having some brand new concrete driveways and walking paths will help you improve curb appeal, attract potential buyers, and increase resale value. A good first impression could add around five to ten percent to the total value of your home. Really think about it, your driveway and walkways lead potential buyers into your home, if yours is in disrepair, you are not making a solid first impression. This is really true if all of the homes in your neighborhood have new concrete driveways and yours is run-down gravel or asphalt.

Concrete is Very Durable

Your concrete residential driveway will pass the test of time. It is a rigid material that will last longer than any alternative materials. Requiring minimal maintenance, your concrete driveway might last thirty years or more before it has to be replaced. Plus, it will require repairs and refinished a lot less frequently than any other driveway material like gravel or asphalt.

Concrete is Better for the Environment

Concrete in its raw form might be considered a green building material. It is composed of rock ground into a fine powder mixed with water and a couple of other components. It could be made from recycled materials too. Compared to asphalt, concrete installation and maintenance is a lot less harmful to the environment, and your old concrete driveway could be recycled.

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