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What Building Owners Should Know About Commercial Waterproofing

What Building Owners Should Know About Commercial Waterproofing

Failure to maintain a waterproof seal can lead to pesky leaks in your building.

The top reason for working with expert commercial waterproofing contractors is to help protect your building and keep water away. Failure to maintain a waterproof seal can lead to pesky leaks. Building leaks usually occur around transitions between enclosure systems. All of the products on the market – like glass/window systems, architectural panels, and weather-resistive barriers, among others, are tested to see just how long they will be effective. The systems that are installed on buildings are expected to perform for the duration of your warranty. Moisture problems occur when one system transitions into another, which leads to gaps in the protection of your building. Read on to learn how commercial waterproofing from professionals can help your building’s structural integrity!

Product Choice Counts

Waterproofing is important for businesses and essential in protecting assets. As time passes, sealants break down and need repairs, including the removal of older materials, an inspection of the surface, application, and destructive testing to help ensure the repair lasts. The key to preventing damages and extra costs lies in finding and fixing up the issues with the proper sealants for your unique location and building. For example, two common kinds of sealant are urethane and silicone. Silicone is far more common due to its protective properties against any ultraviolet rays and because of its overall endurance. Urethane is much more common for masonry (another service provided by Lanham) or projects which require painting. Furthermore, masonry projects that count on urethane will require water applications to help clean materials. Commercial waterproofing contractors can assist you in telling the difference and picking the suitable material.

Experience Counts with Commercial Waterproofing

Experience is the primary key to success for every waterproofing project. The more extensive the understanding and capability of commercial waterproofing contractors, the smaller the margin for delay and error is. Experience reduces any costs and streamlines work with a more proven approach to comprehensive waterproofing services that consider the entire needs of the budget and the building. Executing every assignment correctly will avoid any possible delays that may lead to any interruptions for clients and businesses. Experienced commercial waterproofing contractors from Lanham can help:

  • Maintain a healthy and safe building for occupants
  • Locate leaks and perform timely repairs
  • Reduce the risk of additional damages

Inspection and Testing Matter for Commercial Waterproofing

Picking the right commercial waterproofing contractor will eliminate the requirement for a middleman and provides peace of mind. For example, commercial waterproofing contractors go with a technique known as destructive testing, which entails pulling on the sealant physically to see if it remains intact. This process helps reveal leaks, dry rot, or mold. Professionals can also inspect your building before they finish too, ensuring everything is in good shape.

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