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What Are Some Common Causes of Masonry Damage?

What Are Some Common Causes of Masonry Damage?

Masonry damage can happen due to a few reasons.

Masonry structures remain quite popular in commercial, residential, and industrial construction. These materials and technology used in masonry add to the overall strength, energy efficiency, durability, sound-proofing, fire resistance, and thermal mass of your building. Despite these advantages, masonry damage can happen due to a few reasons. Property owners should learn the main causes of such damage and work with professional restoration contractors, like Lanham Construction, to help with the problem. Read on for a few common causes of masonry damage!

Moisture Penetration

One of the top threats to a masonry structure is moisture. Masonry walls exposed to the elements can absorb water quickly, and this compromises their structural integrity. Water that leaks into a brick or stone wall will freeze and thaw, thus exerting pressure right onto the surface. Water penetration poses a serious danger not only to the masonry materials but the adjacent assemblage, including metal, wood, windows, and doors. For these reasons, moisture control is one very important masonry restoration project that we recommend.


Cracks are a prevalent issue with masonry construction. They can happen when a building settles or because of moisture penetration. Poor preparation of mortar might also cause cracking in any joints too. Natural disasters like floods and earthquakes could also exert pressure on a masonry wall or foundation, which leads to pesky cracks.


Staining is a serious problem for exterior-facing masonry walls. It poses a terrible problem for property owners who are conscious of their home’s curb appeal. Staining happens when masonry materials or mortar come into contact with any of the elements. Water seepage and aging walls are the primary causes of masonry staining.

Bond Failures

Stones and bricks in masonry have to stay in one piece to guarantee the strength of a masonry structure. However, the loss of any adhesion between these materials is a common issue during construction. It leads to peeling or bulging, hollowed patches, and flaky top layers.


It is a structural issue that happens due to corrosion of steel systems, inadequate anchors for lateral support, and thawing/freezing action. Displacement results in the shifting of masonry materials too.

Structural Spalling

When building stones or bricks fall from the masonry wall, this is known as spalling. It is an issue caused by moisture penetration, thawing, and freezing over an extended period. It could also result due to structural stress to the masonry wall as well.

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