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How to Locate and Fix Drainage Problems on Commercial Properties

How to Locate and Fix Drainage Problems on Commercial Properties

If you notice regular water pooling areas instead of proper drainage, then you might have a problem.

Water has its way of taking over things. Whether it is from heavy rain or an irrigation system that has a sprinkler head that is broken or leaking, water will flow and travel on the most accessible path nearby. If it has nowhere to go, it will collect. While those pools of water might seem innocent now, once it collects, all kinds of negative things can result that may not be conducive to business on your commercial property – like mosquito breeding and water damage. Suppose you notice regular water pooling areas instead of proper drainage. In that case, you could be opening up your facility to an entire host of issues that can add frustration and additional costs to your maintenance to-do list. Read on to learn more!

Root Rot, Drowning Plants, and Dead Grass

Once water sits, nothing good can come from it. While the initial drink turf trees and shrubs receive is good, if the water does not drain, plant roots can start to rot. Plants drown, and grass will die. Water can go from helping a plant to suffocating it because of drainage problems. Not to mention, any sitting water could lead to mildew or mold buildup.

Soil Compaction

When weight is applied to soil, it will compress and become more dense. Commercial buildings and properties that experience heavy foot traffic experience this quite frequently. Sitting water will only add to this issue. Soil compaction develops and then reduces the ability for water to drain further, amplifying the problem. On top of that, it is very hard to mow wet spots, so your turf could become ruined. Damage can become worse the more you put off fixing it.

Building Damage

Water is very powerful. If your landscape grading slopes towards your commercial building instead of away from it, or if too much water sits too close to your facilities, water could find a way in. This is also true if it has nowhere else to go. Drainage problems can lead water to create its own path, which might not be what you want. This could cause leaks and result in severe damage to building interiors and exteriors. Damages can not only occur to buildings themselves but also anything located inside these buildings, like your company inventory.

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