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The Main Differences Between Masonry Repair and Masonry Restoration

The Main Differences Between Masonry Repair and Masonry Restoration

Masonry is very durable, but like many other things, it does experience wear and tear.

If you own a building, there is a very good chance it was built with some kind of masonry. Masonry refers to the construction method that uses cement mortar to hold stones or bricks together. Any type of building comprised of stones or bricks was probably built with masonry. Sometimes, an entire building is created with masonry, but many modern facilities use different materials within construction. These buildings usually still have masonry facades, as they look better than any modern materials. Masonry is very durable, but like many other things, it does experience wear and tear. If the masonry in your building is starting to show signs of breaking down and aging, it is time to consider having it restored or repaired. Read on to learn about the differences between masonry repair and restoration!

What Exactly is Masonry Repair?

Masonry repair consists of plugging and patching gaps and cracks in your building’s mortar. It also involves removing or replacing older bricks that have lost their structural integrity. If you have any stone that needs repairs, masonry repairs cover that as well. Stone repair could include patching or repairing stones and returning older stones into a new-like condition. Often, masonry repair involves replacing stone, mortar, and brick in certain spots. If that is required, the repair team will need to match any new materials to the surrounding materials so that there isn’t any change in appearance. Masonry could be harmed over time through normal wear and tear or by accidental damages. Either way, masonry repair experts are able to help.

What Exactly is Masonry Restoration?

Masonry restoration is usually a much larger project than masonry repair. Damaged masonry might only be a portion of a building’s masonry, and a repair job typically only focuses on the damaged parts. Masonry restoration usually includes the whole building. While regular repairs and maintenance could extend the life of any masonry, there comes a time when that isn’t possible. Eventually, the masonry must be restored to enhance a building’s appearance and to ensure that it will still be standing. Masonry restoration is especially crucial with older historical buildings. It could preserve them for generations to come when done the right way. Even if your building doesn’t have historical status, the restoration will improve its appearance, which, in turn, improves its overall curb appeal and value. The steps of masonry restoration involve removing the older, worn-out materials, then replacing them with brand new materials that match the original.

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