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A Handy Guide to Catch Basin Installations: Reasons to Install One

A Handy Guide to Catch Basin Installations: Reasons to Install One

One very easily customizable drainage solution is a catch basin.

Have you ever noticed any pooling water puddles in certain spots of your lawn? Maybe an issue underneath a downspout? A functional drainage system is key for keeping your home safe from any water damage. One very easily customizable drainage solution is to install your very own catch basin. Similar to a French drain, they are a great project for do-it-yourselfers as well. Read on to learn why a catch basin installation can be so beneficial to your home or business property!

What Exactly is a Catch Basin?

A catch basin is an extensive underground reservoir that collects and disperses all runoff water. They are a versatile drainage solution that could be used as a standalone solution or attached to a bigger system. We at Lanham Construction can install one at any size for any type of building that you might own.

Which Catch Basin is the Right Fit for Me?

Depending on your property’s needs, you could install a basin in different shapes and sizes, with grates included.

  • Sizing: residential catch basins can range anywhere from six to 12 inches, where commercial basins could get up to 20 inches or more. Choose a catch basin based on the area that you are installing it in. If you are installing underneath a downspout, a few catch basins won’t require too much digging to install.
  • Grate Choices: not only can you pick the best shape and size catch basin for your application, but there are also some different choices for grates. Flat grates can blend into their surroundings for a more clean look – and as a bonus, they handle a bit of light foot traffic. Atrium grates have a good dome shape for spots prone to lots of debris (like flower beds and mulchy landscapes).

Catch Basin Installation

You can usually find catch basin installations in areas where water builds up in a yard or right underneath a downspout. They’re then connected to drain pipes that run the water towards a ditch or other safe outlet. Much like installing channel drains, catch basins require a bit of work to install. You will need to dig out a pit large enough to hold the basin, plus a bit of gravel underneath it. A trench is also needed for the drain pipe. The crew at Lanham Construction can handle a basin installation, so give us a call if you need any help!

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