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Key Reasons to Install a Residential Patio This Summer

Key Reasons to Install a Residential Patio This Summer

What are some good reasons to install a residential patio?

What are some good reasons to install a residential patio? Before we get into it, we want the reader to know we’ve written this with a couple of assumptions in mind. We assume that you are new to installation patios, and you may be considering a deck as an alternative option, or you might not have decided entirely on which kind of residential patio to install. If you’ve got any of these concerns, then you’ve come to the right spot. Read on to learn why you should install a residential patio this summer!

Relaxation and Entertainment

A serious reason as to why you’d want to install a residential patio is for relaxation and entertainment purposes! Patios can help you entertain friends, family, and guests, and they also enhance your enjoyment of various activities. What do people do on their patios? This can include dining, grabbing a few drinks, firing up the BBQ grill, and going on a cooking adventure. You could also relax on your patio furniture or sit back and enjoy a patio bar, fireplace, or waterfall. Whatever you want, you can put onto your patio foundation for all of your relaxation and entertainment needs.


A residential patio will last you decades! Most significantly, flagstone and paver patios can last you a long time – assuming they are correctly installed and maintained by Lanham Construction. Decks can start to fall apart after 20 or 30 years or earlier. So why is it that paver and flagstone residential patios last longer? They are made up of stone, or stone and concrete, and are much more able to withstand the natural elements of the earth. Decks, whether it is wood or pressure-treated wood, are much weaker than stone or concrete, and as such, they are typically more prone to negative effects of biology, chemistry, or physics.


Typically speaking, patios can be quite budget-friendly. It does depend on every person’s flexibility and preferences, which kind of design they are installing, which types of paver or flagstone or concrete they desire, and more. As a general tip, though, we can confirm patios are likely the same cost as a deck, but maybe even less, depending on your preferences. Usually, a concrete-based residential patio is likely to cost less than a deck. For any residential patio installation questions, give Lanham Construction a call today! We are qualified in all types of residential and commercial construction jobs.

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