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Everything to Know About a French Drain and Why You Should Install One

Everything to Know About French Drains and Why You Should Install One

A French drain can be an effective drainage system if you’ve got water drainage issues on your commercial property.

A French drain can be an effective drainage system if you’ve got water drainage issues on your commercial property. The system will help you get rid of excess water on your parking lot or property, and it empties water a safe distance away from your commercial building. These drains are designed in a way to help drain out all the water safely and smoothly. Read on to learn much more about French drains and why you should get one installed from Lanham Construction!

How Does It All Work?

A French drain is basically a pipe in the ground that will collect rainwater. They’re usually used in residential properties to keep water out of basements and homes and relocate water to a safer area in the yard. However, they’re also quite beneficial to commercial properties, as excess water in parking lots is dangerous for customers and could cause damage to the pavement. The wide pipe is usually angled downward to keep water streaming properly, and gravel is placed on the top of the pipe to collect water as efficiently as possible.

The Benefits of a French Drain

A French drain is useful for solving all types of drainage issues, including water damage in basements and foundations, landscaped areas and lawns, fields and playgrounds, driveways and parking lots, retaining walls, and much more. The French drain also doesn’t have any moving parts, which is a serious advantage as there is less chance of a breakdown or problem. Also, French drains can last a long time, especially when they are installed by a professional.

Installing French Drains on Your Property

If you’re considering installing a French drain, you should do a couple of things to get started. First, the exact path for your drain has to be planned, as it must avoid exterior water pipes and sewer channels too. Planning your exit point is important, as the excess water should go to a sunny and low-lying area that does not affect another property. If you only have an issue with surface water, you could install a shallow French drain or curtain drain instead. This kind of drain extends directly uphill of the spot you want to dry out and is not as deep down as a French drain.

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