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How Waterproofing Could Increase the Value of Your House

How Waterproofing Could Increase the Value of Your House

You might be wondering how waterproofing can increase the overall curb value of your home.

When thinking about adding a bit of value to your existing house, a lot of people consider renovating or remodeling their rooms to increase their overall value. While these superficial changes can be one attractive method, there are a few other ways to improve the overall value of your house that might have an even higher return on your money. One way is through waterproofing your home. You might be wondering how waterproofing can increase the overall curb value of your home, and that is where we come in. Read on to learn how waterproofing can increase the value of your house!

The Ideal Investment to Make Now is One That Will Help Avoid Damage Later

Not only will waterproofing increase the overall value of your house, but making the investment now will save you from expensive and annoying repairs in the near future. These repairs might even be more pricey than the waterproofing job. The costs to repair water damages include the foundational and structural replacement and expensive mildew and mold remediation to other areas of your house. Moisture leaks through the existing cracks in your basement walls or foundation. As this water comes into your home, the result is increasing humidity which leads to more damage internally. Buyers and inspectors will be looking closely for possible signs of humidity in your house when it comes time to sell finally. Dealing with the problem now will prevent the possibility of exposure when others are looking for signs of any water damage later.

The Issue Lurks in Areas You Don’t Think to Look

From puddling around in your crawl space to cracks within your brickwork, the signs that point to a need for optimal waterproofing aren’t always obvious. How often do you enter your house’s crawlspace? More than likely, you won’t realize there is a problem until you call for a service that requires a technician to access these areas, and he or she might not even notice the damages if not looking for it specifically.

Again, a waterproofing job isn’t that exciting as a normal update to your home, but it will help give you a great return on your investment. Construction experts estimate that waterproofing your house can have as much as a 30 to 50% return on the money that it typically costs you. This allows you to pocket the profits for use in buying a new house or allocating it to other projects. Give Lanham Construction a call today if you’re interested or like to set up a waterproofing job!

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