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Preventing Water Damage in Your Home’s Basement

Preventing Water Damage in Your Home's Basement

Water damage can ruin your belongings, cause structural damage and result in mold and mildew growth, creating an unstable and hazardous environment that impacts your health and safety.

Water damage has many negative impacts and can be incredibly detrimental to your home, especially your basement. It can ruin your belongings, cause structural damage and result in mold and mildew growth, creating an unstable and hazardous environment that impacts your health and safety. However, there are various preventive measures you can instill to make sure that water damage doesn’t affect your home. Here is a helpful guide towards preventing water damage from ruining your home’s basement.

Checking Your Foundation

Before you do anything to your home, it is important to consider whether a proper foundation is what you’re dealing with in your home. In fact, for optimal waterproofing protocols, it becomes increasingly important to start at your home’s foundation. When checking around the house, notice whether the foundation is structurally intact. Cracked and crumbling walls, gaps between your windows and doors, or a sagging roof are all signs of structural damage. Ultimately, being hypervigilant can be a lifesaver. 

Checking Your Roof’s Drainage Systems

The condition of your roof can directly impact your home’s basement, so it’s important to check how effective the drainage systems are. The condition of your roof will surely affect your home’s basement. The reality is, gutters will undoubtedly contribute to water damage in your basement. Ultimately, note how far your gutter sits compared to the downspout, providing you with the proper information to determine whether the drainage system is working properly or needs a repair to function optimally. 

Bottom Line

There is absolutely nothing worse than water damage in a home. In fact, for most homeowners, preventing water damage is a critical component of being a responsible homeowner. The reality is, water damage is all too common in basements everywhere. Ultimately, when you take the proper steps toward preventing water damage, you can truly begin to avoid so many disasters and hazardous conditions within your humble abode down the line. For the most part, the biggest thing to consider is to check the outside of your home for any common issues that’ll likely lead to water damage, especially within your basement, which has a higher chance of succumbing to water damage. 

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