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5 Common Reasons for Home Foundation Issues

5 Common Reasons for Home Foundation Issues

Home foundation problems are more common than you think and are usually repairable, especially when caught early.

Are you noticing cracks around your home? Or maybe your flooring has become uneven? These are common signs of foundations issues. Home foundation problems are more common than you think and are usually repairable, especially when caught early. Contacting a contractor is the first course of action you want to take. A licensed and insured contractor will provide you with confidence and allow you to put your faith in someone who’s skilled, has years’ worth of experience, and is able to walk you through every step. However, to bring you some insight, here are five reasons your home is having foundation issues.

Sinking Foundation

It’s common for a house of any duration to experience gradual shifting. These minute movements put pressure on the fragile points of walls, causing cracks.

Different Soil Types

Soil types play a big part in the foundation of your house. Some soil, like clay, expand and contract depending on moisture levels, while other soils might shrink in high temperatures. These small changes can cause foundational cracks.

Inadequate Technique

Simply put, the craftmanship on your house is bad. Poor construction can show plainly on your house, whether it’s a new build or a century-old home. The shortcuts and loopholes that contractors may take will serve detrimental to your home and can cause problems with the durability of the infrastructure.

Environmental Factors

If your home is surrounded by foliage such as large trees, their roots may be expanded under your home’s foundation. This can cause water deprivation from the soil, producing dry soil and creating an uneven base for your home to settle.

Sinkhole Formation

Natural sinkholes are formed by the drainage of water underground. Sinkholes create underground cavities that cause instability to the ground above them. It’s imperative to recognize the signs of sinkhole activity. Signs include:

  • Fence posts, trees, or poles begin to lean or tilt
  • Depressions and indented areas on your lawn
  • Struggling to close windows or doors

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