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How a Retaining Wall Benefits Your Home

How a Retaining Wall Benefits Your Home

Has your goal been to add style and functionality to your rugged backyard? Here are some ways you can benefit from a retaining wall.

Has your goal been to add style and functionality to your rugged backyard? A retaining wall adds curb appeal to a home. However, it also serves functional purposes. It’s a sturdy structure and practical solution to hold soil back, prevent it from sliding down a slope, and protect against soil erosion. You can build them with various materials such as stone, concrete, and brick. Here are some more details about how a retaining wall benefits your home.

Improves Curb Appeal

Retaining walls offer properties a distinctive look, visual interest, and unique characteristics while performing an essential function. The wall allows for raised flower beds, concrete planter boxes, and small trees and shrubs among the flowers, resulting in a beautiful outdoor living space. 

Provides Structural Support

Most homeowners struggle with inclined landscapes. It levels rough parts of your land caused by elevation. A multi-leveled retaining wall is ideal if you own a hilly landscape with uneven terrain that’s hard to manage. These structures also prevent soil erosion and complement homes by adding depth. You won’t have to fear flooding or erosion will ruin your garden or lawn with a retaining wall. 

Offers Built-In Seating

Most homeowners love owning a low-maintenance home. Less can be more in the design world. A retaining wall can double as seating and enclose a patio if you want to maximize space. Retaining walls can also surround fire pits. A fire pit is a cozy, social gathering area with a lot of room for loved ones to sit. 

Enhances Home Value

A beautiful and well-designed outdoor living space is timeless and undeniably attracts neighbors and guests. It enhances your home value when you own a home that feels and looks complete. However, it also appeals to potential home buyers. Prospective home buyers look for move-in-ready homes. Of course, they might still have to hire a landscaper to take care of the outdoor living space. Nevertheless, they will be happy about not having to put in the work or budget to install a retaining wall. 

Contact Lanham Construction today to enhance your outdoor living space in unique ways. Materials such as stone, brick, and concrete rank high in structural integrity. However, they also add a timeless charm and visual interest to any application. 

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