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The Benefits of Concrete Masonry

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With proper maintenance, a concrete structure can last up to 100 years.

One way to make significant improvements to your home is through concrete masonry. It’s a construction technique used in ancient cultures. Egyptian and Latin American pyramids are prime examples of structures made with this construction method. If concrete masonry helped build pyramids, it could do wonders for your home. Here are some benefits and facts you should know about concrete masonry. 

Concrete Masonry is Durable

Concrete is a strong material. This fact, coupled with the expertise and artistry of a masonry contractor, guarantees that your structure will last for a lifetime. A concrete structure, with proper maintenance, can last up to 100 years. In the case of driveways, because they experience more wear and tear, they typically last about fifty years with the proper maintenance. 

Concrete Masonry Fire-Resistant

Concrete bricks and stones are popular materials in masonry construction because they are fire-resistant and non-combustible. When exposed to fire, masonry will not burn, melt, twist, or wrap. 

Concrete Masonry Requires Minimal Maintenance (if any)

With concrete being such a durable material, that also means that it’s low maintenance. You must remove dirt, leaves, and other debris using a hose or power washer to clean your concrete driveway. If there are persistent stains, a water-bleach solution can help remove them and deodorize and kill mold and mildew. 


Concrete masonry comes in many shapes and styles, making it the perfect way to add style to your home. You don’t have to feel creatively stifled if you desire your concrete patio to look like stone or brick. Concrete replicates other construction materials. 

Resistant to Extreme Weather Conditions

Concrete is one of the most extreme-weather-resistant materials, making it ideal for all types of weather. Humidity, hot and cold weather or strong winds are no match for concrete. Masonry is even resistant to earthquakes. 

Noise Reduction

Unwanted noise is a significant distraction whether at home, in a work environment, or if you work from home. Concrete masonry’s mass and rigidity effectively reduce unwanted noise and sound transmission. 

Why is Masonry so Vital?

Masonry is an invaluable trade. Without masons constructing new buildings and performing needed repairs on existing systems, the economy as we know it today would stop. You might not often think about it or haven’t thought about it, but so many schools and government buildings utilize masonry. Masonry, in general, involves not only concrete but brick and stone. This trade is why so many durable facilities exist. 


Contact Lanham Construction today whenever you’re ready to benefit from our award-winning work in concrete masonry. Concrete is a stylish, affordable, and long-lasting material that can enhance your outdoor living space in many ways.

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