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Uneven Concrete: 5 Reasons Not to Ignore it

lanham construction uneven concrete

Ensuring that your concrete surfaces are even is one way to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Uneven concrete isn’t pleasing to the eye and is also a safety hazard. You might have passed your uneven flooring off as regular wear and tear, which is understandable if you’re dealing with thin, hairline cracks. However, sinking concrete is a problem. Here are five reasons not to avoid and have uneven concrete repaired. 

 Uneven Concrete Can Cause Injuries

Your home should be a safe space for you, your family, and your guests. Uneven concrete is a source of injury. Also, it makes your property a liability. It’s time for a repair if you have to tell anyone coming up to your driveway to “watch out” or if more than a few family members or guests have tripped or fallen. 

It’s an Eyesore

Ensuring that your concrete surfaces are even is one way to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Cracked and sinking slabs aren’t appealing to the eye and bring down your home’s property value. They also create a space for weeds to sprout from the soil beneath. 

A Delayed Solution is Harder to Correct

The chances of cracked concrete worsening after you first spotted it are highly likely. The damage becomes that much harder to correct when you put off a repair for uneven concrete. When erosion sets in, repair costs are much more expensive. 

Potential Drainage Issues

Is water pooling on your uneven garage floor? Is the damaged concrete directing water towards your home’s foundation? Commonly, the cause of these issues is settling or heaving concrete. It’s best not to avoid this problem because water damage and drainage issues cause many problems. For that reason, we offer exterior basement waterproofing

Damaged Concrete Leads to Structural Issues

If your structures depend on solid concrete for stability, uneven slabs can cause more issues than you can probably imagine. Your porch or home’s foundation structural integrity could be at risk. It’s one of those problems you want to have repaired immediately because a delay will only multiply the current issues as time passes. 


Contact Lanham Construction today if you want to ensure that your home has high-quality and well-built concrete structures. Our experts can guarantee you own a properly installed and paved outdoor space. Also, if water damage has been plaguing your home, you can contact us and ask about our waterproofing services. 


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