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Why Invest in Concrete Pavers?

Why Invest in Concrete Pavers?

Concrete pavers are versatile, coming in various styles and colors.

Concrete pavers are versatile, coming in various styles and colors. You can even mix and match colors and shapes to create a unique driveway. Here is more information about why investing in concrete pavers is wise. 

Concrete Pavers Rank High in Versatility

We mentioned these types of pavers coming in various styles. You can create unique patterns because you can cut the pavers to fit your pattern using a wet saw with a diamond blade. As a result, some pavers have smooth edges while others have a tongue-and-groove design that makes them interlock. 


The manufacturing process is less costly than poured concrete or asphalt. Concrete pavers are even cost-effective compared to sandstone, granite, or clay pavers. When used in driveways, this option is also more durable. The cost of repairing individual pavers compared to replacing an entire slab is less expensive. In addition, pavers, on average, have a life expectancy of 30 years, making a paved driveway an economical choice. 


The mold that packs the aggregate, cement, and sand is much tighter than poured concrete. Pavers are sturdier than poured concrete and expand and contract with the seasons while not cracking like concrete slabs. Joints between the pavers allow for movement, and it’s not necessary to add reinforcement materials or rebar under the pavers to strengthen them. 

Minimal Maintenance

Regular sweeping and rinsing a paver driveway is all it takes to keep it clean and presentable. If the sand rinses out, sweep more sand into the joints. In addition, weeds are also easy to remove. You can pull up a paver to expose a weed’s roots to destroy it if necessary. 


You can shovel or plow snow from concrete paver driveways. You can use pavers right away without waiting for them to cure as you would with poured concrete. In addition, pavers have a rough, non-slip surface, ensuring that your concrete driveway is safe when there is rain or snow. However, it’s not the same case for concrete pavers. Heavy rains could cause the sand bed under the pavers to shift in rare instances. However, leveling the sand under the pavers is an easy fix to prevent this from happening again. In addition, deicing salts doesn’t compromise the pavers’ surface.

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