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Masonry Contractor: 3 Reasons to Hire One

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he top reason masonry-related issues occur is the settlement when the soil surrounding your home’s foundation shrinks.

You will need to reach out to a masonry contractor at some point if your home or commercial establishment utilizes brick or stone. Elemental exposure can cause damage to brick or stone over time. The top reason masonry-related issues occur is the settlement when the soil surrounding your home’s foundation shrinks. Winter’s freezing and thawing cycle cause settling to happen much faster as the soil turns into mud during the spring before the summer heat can dry out the soil. 

Settlement might not seem like a significant deal. However, it can lead to disastrous problems such as water infiltration, extreme heat loss, and foundation problems that can make a home or commercial building unsafe. For that reason, it’s vital to know the signs of masonry wear and tear. Here are three reasons to hire a masonry contractor. 

Call a Masonry Contractor if You Notice Vertical Cracks 

Vertical cracks might be a typical function of natural expansion. However, the issue with vertical cracks is that they allow water to seep in during heavy rains, resulting in bulging brick or, if left unfixed, inner wall damage. An experienced masonry contractor, like one of our team members, can easily take care of this. 

Bulging Brick

Bulging brick results from the bricks in the outer wall jut out or cave around a particular area. Moisture that has seeped in behind it causes this issue. That moisture warps the concrete and bricks, forcing them to jut or sink. We can remove the affected bricks, assess and fix the cause of the damage, and replace the masonry necessary to rebuild that section of the outer wall. 

Mortar Decomposition 

Mortar decomposition or deterioration is when the mortar between bricks begins to buckle or disintegrate. When bricks don’t have a healthy buffer in between them, they begin to loosen up and brush against each other, resulting in damage and warping. A masonry contractor will replace or reinforce the mortar in tuckpointing. 


These are a few significant signs that masonry repair needs to happen. Contact Lanham Construction today to learn more about masonry or hire us to keep your home or commercial building in excellent shape. 

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