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4 Types of Sunrooms

4 Types of Sunrooms

Sunrooms are energy-efficient enclosed spaces that bring optimal sunlight into a home.

Enclosures are one of the best enhancements you can add to your home. Sunrooms are energy-efficient enclosed spaces that bring optimal sunlight into a home. These enclosures also offer an unobstructed view of the beautiful outdoor landscape. Here is a look at five types of sunrooms. 

Conservatory Sunrooms

If you want your home to have old-world charm, a conservatory sunroom is an excellent selection. Conservatories typically consist of glass or polycarbonate roofs and panels. A conservatory works best when separate from the rest of the home by using this enclosure in your garden. This technique provides a link between your home and the outdoors.  


This name comes directly from its architectural style, consisting of a room system with a beam in the middle of the roof. These roofs usually slope downward to ensure proper drainage when it rains or snows. They also have a distinct, pitched A-shaped frame. Gable sunrooms are popular because they blend into most home interiors seamlessly. Also, it’s not challenging to remove debris or water from this type of roof. In addition, these sunrooms have a timeless appeal for homeowners that desire a cathedral-like ceiling with the ambiance of a vaulted space. 


A traditional sunroom is multi-purposeful. It usually sits in the area of a house that has direct sunlight. In short, it’s an enclosed area of the home serving as an extension. In some cases, all contractors do is attach it to the side of the house. However, you still have access to the rest of the home from the inside. Traditional sunroom flooring has a cohesive design similar to the home’s interior. 


A solarium consists entirely of glass. The edges of its roof are either pointed or curved. However, its design is distinct because the edges of the ceiling and walls blend seamlessly. In addition, the ceiling can either be gable or single sloped. The point of a solarium is to maximize the view of the outdoors. 

Ultimately, you should know a sunroom is excellent for year-round enjoyment regardless of the type. Sunrooms protect home and business owners and patrons from sweltering weather and bugs while providing a beautiful, direct, and relaxing view of the outdoors. 

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