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The Benefits of Catch Basins

The Benefits of Catch Basins

Catch basins are an essential part of many landscape drainage systems. Read on to learn what a catch basin is and about its benefits.

Catch basins are an essential part of many landscape drainage systems. You can find catch basins used in residential and commercial applications for catching, holding off, and filtering water runoff on your lawn, around your home, off surfaces, and from your gutters. As a part of our waterproofing services, we install catch basins.  Read on to learn more about what a catch basin is and about its benefits.

This waterproofing mechanism has a grate on the top and a drainage pipe that slopes away from the basin. This box sits on a low point at the property and helps to maintain proper drainage, catch debris, and prevent downstream pipes from becoming clogged. The grate helps catch water and solids that enter through the box. Solids sink to the bottom while water drains out of the pipe. The pipe usually connects to the larger plumbing system and directs the water to a sewage plant or stream.

Supportive to Drain Systems

A catch basin is a pre-treatment stage in a storm drain or sewer system. The basin catches and retains sediments, and large debris found in rainwater, ensuring the large deposits and debris does not proceed into the storm drain or sewer system. The catch basin prevents these systems from overloading. Otherwise, it will result in clogs and minimize the effectiveness of the drainage system. 

Since a catch basin reduces drainage issues, it results in less maintenance that you or a professional must perform on the drainage system. Thus, you can look forward to a drainage system lasting longer so long as the catch basin has the proper maintenance

Aids Landscapes 

A catch basin will be helpful to you if your home receives heavy rainfalls and has poor drainage. Stagnated rainwater can cause problems such as soggy soil that can harm neighboring plants and trees. Also, pools of water can attract bugs which promote bacteria growth and emits foul odors. 

Prevents Basement Flooding

Landscapes without proper drainage can also cause issues inside the home, particularly in the basement. Downspout water that doesn’t drain away from your home’s foundation can cause basement flooding. Flooded basements also result from driveways that don’t slope away from your home, causing water to get inside the house. Infiltrated water can damage valuable items such as carpets, flooring, and furniture. This issue is preventable by rerouting the downspout water using well-built catch basins placed directly below the downspouts. 

Catch basins can also boost your home’s value because it’s a valuable addition that prevents drainage issues. It’s undeniably a marketable selling point. Contact Lanham Construction today if you’re looking for waterproofing services. 

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