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What You Should Know About Concrete Loading Docks

What You Should Know About Concrete Loading Docks

Concrete loading docks are long-term investments. Here is what you should know about concrete loading docks.

Concrete loading docks are long-term investments. For that reason, you want to ensure that you hire a reputable company to construct them. Lanham Construction is that company. Here is what you should know about concrete loading docks. 

What is the Purpose of Concrete Loading Docks? 

A concrete loading dock has applications in many industries, providing a robust and stable platform for trucks loaded with goods. Additionally, a concrete loading dock serves as a surface for the equipment loading the trucks. Concrete loading docks are subject to a lot of wear and tear caused by the heavy loads they support. Thus, it’s vital to maintain a safe and durable concrete loading dock and invest in repairs and replacement over time. Lanham Construction has you covered on that end. 

Why Using Concrete is Valuable

Concrete, as we’ve expressed in almost every piece of content we’ve written, ranks high in structural integrity. Concrete is a strong, rigid material that can withstand repeated loads from trailer jacks. If you use asphalt for your loaded dock, it could result in a dented surface. 

However, you should know that, over time, the extreme weight that concrete pavement supports could lead to cracking. Before the entire surface deteriorates, you should consider having your surface repaired or replaced. 

What to Know About Replacing a Concrete Loading Dock

The first step is removing the broken concrete or asphalt currently in place. After that, the exposed dirt, known as the subgrade, needs an inspection. Once the dirt becomes approved, professionals install and compact base rock to create an appropriate foundation for the new concrete. 

Before the installation of the new concrete begins, the remaining pavement has to be drilled to accept steel pins, which will support your new concrete loading dock. Then, when it’s time to pour the new concrete, it’s essential to choose the best concrete for the job. A faster-setting concrete allows you to use this area sooner but might not be as durable as a slower-setting concrete. 

You can count on the experts at Lanham Construction to help you pick the best concrete for your specifications. Rest assured that the concrete will be safe and durable. 

Must-Haves of High-Quality Concrete Loading Docks

  • Durability: Concrete can withstand heavyweight machinery when there is a strong concrete mix consisting of a low water ratio to cement and high-quality aggregate
  • Versatile Designs: Concrete can still be aesthetically pleasing even in the most functional applications. Stamped concrete designs ensure that you have versatile loading dock designs that match the aesthetic of your entire business. 
  • Expert Knowledge: We understand local zoning laws, so you can feel safe about your loading dock complying with the law. 

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