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Sidewalk Repair: Signs You Could Use One

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Sidewalks are susceptible to the excess pressure and loads they become exposed to daily, particularly in high-traffic areas.

A home’s interior and exterior need special attention. Concrete is one of the most widely-used and robust construction materials. Homeowners often focus so much on their home’s interior that they ignore outside elements such as driveways and sidewalks unless the situation worsens and concrete repair becomes necessary. Often by that time, the situation becomes costly to repair. Here are the top signs you should call Lanham Construction for a sidewalk repair. 

Sidewalk Has A Cracked Surface

Due to inclement weather and hot temperatures, sidewalks and driveways experience wear from tear. Naturally, sidewalks develop cracks that might demand concrete repair. 


Tiny cracks can expand into the surface and damage the sidewalk from beneath the surface. Small and invisible cracks might not seem like enough to cause a stir. However, early detection can save you a lot of money. 

Sidewalk Has Damaged Edges

Sidewalks are susceptible to the excess pressure and loads they become exposed to daily, particularly in high-traffic areas. If damaged edges don’t have a repair immediately, they can block drainage paths or cause distress to pedestrians by posing a tripping hazard. 


Broken edges can also cause parking issues for vehicles. Professionals fix the fractured edges of sidewalks by removing the concrete/asphalt from the damaged areas and replacing it with a brand-new set of concrete edges. 

Surface Depression

Tiled layouts typically cause surface depression and raised surfaces when tiles move out of place. These tiles shift because of constant load pressure. However, this can also happen when the soil beneath the tiled sidewalk is soft, not providing a sturdy foundation for the tiles. 


A raised or depressed surface is unappealing. However, it can also cause severe injuries and accidents. For example, if the sidewalk is on your property, and someone trips over the raised edge, they could file a lawsuit. 

Fading Asphalt 

The asphalt of newly constructed sidewalks and driveways has a smooth black color. The color fades into light gray over time because of sunlight and cold weather exposure. However, you should pay attention to the color. 


If you find it fading away, the inner layer is more vulnerable to damage and can culminate in cracks. Faded sidewalks need a fresh layer of asphalt coat to preserve their durability and strength. 

Moisture Accumulation

Areas with poor water drainage culminate in moisture accumulation beneath the primary layer of the sidewalk. The sidewalk might be in danger of cracking if you notice that the sidewalk’s surface might be wet or you see an accumulation of water around the edges. Water accumulation on the surface isn’t the issue; water accumulating under the surface is problematic. 


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