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The Benefits of Concrete Driveway Installation

The Benefits of Concrete Driveway Installation

Concrete driveways are both aesthetic and durable. Read on for details about the benefits of a residential concrete driveway installation.

Is your driveway showing signs that a replacement needs to happen? Or have you been researching options that will add curb appeal to your home’s exterior? A concrete driveway installation is an excellent option because concrete driveways can withstand whatever vehicle(s) you have in your garage. Aesthetics, strength, and longevity make concrete viable for driveways and exterior surfaces. Additionally, you can customize concrete driveways with impressive designs, unique colors, and different textures to create an aesthetically-pleasing driveway. Here are more details about the benefits of a concrete driveway installation. 


People like asphalt driveways because they’re cost-effective. However, an asphalt driveway requires more maintenance than a concrete driveway. Maintenance costs can offset the initial lower installation price. 

The liquid binder in asphalt that holds the aggregates together is prone to cracking and disintegrating because of exposure to UV rays, water, chemicals, and oxygen. A concrete driveway installation costs more, but it outlasts surfaces installed with gravel, asphalt, or other construction materials. 

How long do concrete driveways last? At the bare minimum of 25-30 years, if not longer. Our team at Lanham Construction will guarantee that your driveway has a solid foundation that can drain water correctly. 

Concrete Can Handle the Load

Motor vehicles are heavy. Concrete is a non-flexible material that has a better load-bearing capacity than asphalt. Trucks on asphalt surfaces lead to flexing, which might cause deformed pavement layers. The reasons that asphalt deforms include weak asphalt mixtures, pavements that aren’t thick enough, and a lack of compression. However, concrete can handle the load


A house requires a lot of maintenance; the less maintenance, the better. Use a hose, pressurized water, and a stiff-bristled brush to clean your driveway. If you clean your concrete driveway once a year (or more often if there is heavy foot traffic) and seal it every two to five years, you can expect it to last a long time. 

Also, a concrete sealer adds a layer of protection to concrete surfaces. The benefits of applying a clear concrete sealer include preventing water/moisture absorption and protecting the concrete surface from de-icing chemicals. Every fall, you can seal your driveway to prepare for the winter months to ensure your concrete surface holds up well to harsh winter weather and road salts. 

Less Heat and Light Absorption 

Asphalt driveways absorb more heat because of their black or gray color. During the winter, that’s not a disadvantage. However, a hotter driveway during the summer isn’t an advantage. Conversely, a concrete driveway absorbs less heat and is cooler than an asphalt surface. The less heat a surface faces, the more it contributes to your home’s energy savings for years. 

More Customizable Options Than Before 

When people think about concrete surfaces, they might imagine a gray, dull color and a flat finish. However, concrete driveways are more customizable than ever before. You can select from unique designs and vibrant colors. When it comes to texture, stamped concrete mimics brick or cobblestone and looks luxurious, as if the concrete driveway installed involved expensive materials. You can look forward to a boost in your driveway’s curb appeal. Are you ready to have a new-and-improved driveway installed on your property? If so, contact Lanham Construction today to learn more about the benefits of concrete driveway installation. 

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