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A Few Concrete Myths You Should Know

A Few Concrete Myths You Should Know

Concrete is a robust and versatile material used to build a number of things. Here are a few concrete myths you should know.

Concrete is a robust and versatile used to build anything from a walkway to an entire building. However, while it plays a significant role in construction, there are some myths about concrete and concrete paving that Lanham Construction will debunk for you. Here are a few concrete myths you should know. 

Concrete is Always Gray

While this material starts as gray, the final product isn’t always gray. It’s possible to add mineral colors to the concrete mixture while it’s still wet and blended to give it a different color when it hardens. 

Acid Can Strip Concrete Sealant 

Acid is a chemical that can damage concrete severely. It’s not a good idea to use acid to strip any sealant. Instead, it’s best to apply a sealant stripper or solvent. 

Concrete and Cement are the Same

People often talk about concrete and cement interchangeably. However, cement is an ingredient used for concrete paving. Paving concrete includes water, aggregates like sand, crushed gravel, paste, and additives. 

The Higher Concrete’s Compressive Strength, the Better 

Concrete comes in various compressive strengths ranging from 2,500 

pounds per square inch (psi) to 10,000 psi. However, it’s not always true that the most robust concrete is the most durable or even the best option. 


While durability is a significant characteristic and what concrete is known for, durability depends on the elements that can break down the concrete. The best way to keep concrete durable is to reduce its permeability. Freeze and thaw cycles and sulfate reactions are examples of this.

Concrete Isn’t Permeable

Water and other substances can pass through concrete, whether in liquid or vapor form. The time these substances take to penetrate the material depends on its density. Even the densest concrete types are porous. 

You Should Lay Concrete in any Weather.

While concrete is a robust material, the material won’t get fully dry unless poured in the right conditions. For optimal results, apply concrete during the spring or fall or at least before 10 a.m. or after 8:00 p.m. Laying concrete when the weather is below freezing or sweltering prevents the mixture from hardening properly. 

Pouring and Laying Concrete is a DIY Job 

You should hire a professional construction company to take care of projects such as constructing driveways or fixing cracks in the sidewalks. It’s best to leave concrete installation projects to the professionals while you might feel tempted to read a few sources on pouring or laying concrete. Otherwise, it can cause you a lot of time, effort, and frustration to attempt to take on a large-scale project alone. 

We hope we’ve cleared up some confusion by debunking these concrete myths. Contact Lanham Construction to learn more about our professional concrete services. 

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