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The Differences Between Commercial and Residential Construction

The Differences Between Commercial and Residential Construction

Identifying the differences between residential and commercial construction projects.

Commercial and residential construction is the most common type of construction project. The main difference between residential and commercial construction projects is in the name. Commercial construction is generally for commercial use consisting of industrial facilities, warehouses, schools, and business establishments. While residential construction typically focuses on building places people will live, including apartments, condos, and houses. Each form of construction requires different methods, skills, and specialties resulting in minor differences between residential and commercial construction projects, including the materials used for building, funding and cost, permits, and the amount of time needed to complete the construction process. Listed below are some of the differences between commercial and residential construction.


As mentioned before, building materials used in commercial and residential construction projects differ. There are many factors as to why, including funding and size. Residential properties are generally smaller than commercial properties, meaning different materials are needed. In the United States, wood is a common material used for building houses, while commercial properties tend to be built with cement and steel frames. Along with the price, the use of these materials varies between commercial and residential properties.

Funding and Cost

Funding and cost are significant differences between commercial and residential construction projects. Commercial projects often cost way more than residential projects and have a larger budget. The price difference is usually contributed by factors such as investors, the number of workers, time, materials, and equipment, to name a few.


Permits are a general requirement for any form of construction. There are a number of regulations and codes that require the proper permits from a designated government body. Building regulations and codes vary from residential to commercial properties, ensuring the project’s safety and people’s lives during and after the projects are complete. Because commercial construction projects are generally larger than residential construction projects, getting permits for a commercial project is longer and more complex.


Commercial construction projects are usually completed much faster than residential projects. The completion time results from commercial construction projects generally having a tighter schedule, more workers, and more resources. Hiring the right contractor is key in getting construction projects done in a timely manner, whether it’s for commercial or residential properties.

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