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Three Types of Commercial Construction Projects


Three Types of Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial construction projects often vary in size and scale.

Commercial construction is a form of construction that focuses on designing, renovating, and building structures for commercial use. Commercial construction includes many projects, including restaurants, grocery stores, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, and more. Commercial construction projects often vary in size and scale. These projects can be placed into three types: small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale. These projects consist of government buildings, office buildings, and high-rise buildings often seen in major cities.

Small-Scale Construction Projects

Small-scale construction, also known as light construction, typically involves remodeling and renovating the interiors and exteriors of buildings. Small-scale construction is generally done on small commercial properties such as offices, restaurants, and warehouses. These projects are typically used to provide updates and repairs to an outdated structure. They’re less costly, shorter in length, and require less equipment and workers. While some small-scale constructions are complete buildouts of the project, others are typically renovations and modifications needed to update the look of the building.

Medium-Scale Construction Projects

Over time, buildings start to deteriorate, losing the fresh look and appeal it once had; this is when you typically see medium-scale construction. Keeping buildings in their best condition takes plenty of work and time. Medium-scale construction usually focuses on restoring, upgrading, and expanding the space of a structure. These projects tend to last longer and are more complex than small-scale ones but not as advanced as large-scale ones.

Large-Scale Construction Projects

Large-scale construction varies from small-scale and medium-scale construction in multiple ways. Large-scale commercial construction projects are a task on their own and are considered construction truly done from the ground up. In large-scale construction, there is no structure already built. Unlike other commercial construction projects, where a preexisting structure is being updated or expanded. These projects are a lot more complex, requiring a lot of planning and preparation to ensure a successful build. Large-scale construction usually costs more, lasts longer, and needs more heavy equipment and workers. Large-scale construction projects develop hotels, airports, government buildings, skyscrapers, and much more.

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