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Is It Too Early To Decorate Your Patio For Fall?

Is It Too Early To Decorate Your Patio For Fall?

If you have a patio, you have the perfect canvas for seasonal outdoor decorating.

We may not even be halfway through August, but does that mean it’s too early for spooky season? Many people would say yes, but just as many would give a resounding no! For some, it is never too early to start decorating for Halloween. When it comes to seasonal decorating, some people are committed to distinct seasons, while others wildly embrace their favorite holidays for as long as possible. Either way, if you have a patio, you have the perfect canvas for seasonal outdoor decorating, and you should make the choice to embrace the fun of it this year.

There Are Other Reasons To Decorate Before Halloween

Just because the Fourth of July has passed, doesn’t mean there aren’t other important holidays that are worth decorating for… before we get to Halloween, of course. The most obvious is the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day. Most people decorate for Labor Day in similar ways to the Fourth of July and Memorial day (red, white, and blue color combinations), but don’t be afraid to embrace the true spirit of the holiday (honoring the achievements of American workers). If you don’t want to decorate for Labor Day specifically, you could also simply honor the waning of summer with late summer flowers (especially sun flowers), or herald the new school year with some back-to-school décor. 

You Can Decorate For Fall In General

If you’re anxiously awaiting the start of fall, you can help to usher it in by decorating for the season, even though summer still has some time yet. This doesn’t mean that you have to jump immediately to halloween for your decorations. Part of the joy of the season is embracing all of the different parts of the year. Early fall has many lovely motifs that you can use to decorate your patio, including late blooming flowers (again, sun flowers are a beautiful and happy choice), dried corn, and hay. Scarecrows and apple barrels often get lumped into Halloween decorating, but they can also stand on their own beautifully in the early fall days.

Or You Can Get Spooky Now If It Suits You

Of course, if spooky season is a huge part of your personality, there is no harm in decorating early. If you know that your neighbors don’t love it, perhaps wait till late September to really crank up the spookiness, but in the meantime, if it makes you happy, go for it! Patios are an amazing place to decorate for halloween, especially once you stop using the furniture on a regular basis. If you want to invest in a 15′ skeleton, the patio might be a good place to set that up as well.

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