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Find Ways To Stay Cool On Your Patio This Summer

Find Ways To Stay Cool On Your Patio This Summer

One thing you should think about doing is finding ways to cool off your patio or other outdoor living area.

If you like it hot, you’re probably super happy that the traditional summertime heat of Maryland has finally found us, and you’re probably spending a lot of time outdoors right now. Outdoor living in Maryland is generally great, but at the height of summer, the days are characterized by hot, sweaty sunshine and afternoon thunderstorms that increase the mugginess but don’t break the heat. Even for the biggest summer fan, it can be a bit much and for the rest of us, it is nearly intolerable from the 4th of July holiday till the cool nights of autumn finally offer a break. One thing you should think about doing is finding ways to cool off your patio or other outdoor living area. Let’s explore some methods that you might try to cool down your space and beat the summer heat.

Block The Sun

The first thing that you should do is find ways to increase the shade of your outdoor living space. If you have a sunroom or similar covered area, this is already done.  If you have a plain patio, this is a little more difficult. If you’re willing and able to take on a more intensive project, you could add a pergola or roofing structure to the patio. If not, you could consider installing a “sun sail” style awning or an umbrella to block the sun. If the sun hits the patio from multiple angles, an umbrella that you can move and tilt might be the best choice. Retractable screens or awnings are another good choice for blocking the intense summer sun, but allowing you the option to not block the needed sunlight during cooler periods of the year. 

Add Some Chill

Another way to cool down your outdoor living area is to add some chill elements. Set up a cooler with lots of ice and cold drinks to help stay cool and hydrated while you’re outside. If you have the space, consider adding a chill water feature or even a small pool close to the patio (the evaporation from the water feature can help bring temperatures down a little bit even if you can’t get in the water). If your budget allows, misters or evaporative coolers are also a fun addition to an outdoor patio.

Make A Breeze

Finally, adding some fans is a great way to cool down. Even a small amount of air movement can be helpful. If there is already a roof structure, consider a ceiling fan. If not, an oscillating fan works just as well and you can take it inside with you when you’re done outside. 

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