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How to Prevent Concrete Salt Damage

How to Prevent Concrete Salt Damage

There is a way to prevent concrete salt damage. We’re here to share tips to ensure that your concrete surface remains as good as new.

De-icing is necessary when winter weather becomes inclement. However, de-icing methods can result in concrete pool decks, driveways, walkways, and patios cracking, spalling, pitting, and dusting. Over time, concrete can deteriorate; the longer you avoid sealing it, the quicker damage takes effect. However, there is a way to prevent concrete salt damage. We’re here to share tips to ensure that your concrete surface remains as good as new and durable. 

Apply a Sodium or Lithium Silicate Densifier 

A densifier sealer penetrates the surface of the concrete and fuses inert compounds and sand particles into a crystalline bond. When loose and weak materials bond, A concrete surface’s density and abrasion resistance increase. 

Use a Water Repellant Sealer

Abrasion isn’t the only thing that weakens a concrete surface. People use salt because it helps melt snow and ice. Concrete absorbs the water, which freezes within the pores, causing the concrete to crack from within the pores. Spalling, or the concrete breaking into pieces, also occurs. 

The only way to stop this issue is by applying a water-repellant sealer. A silane siloxane water repellant. This type of repellant sealer forms a hydrophobic barrier. In layman’s terms, a hydrophobic barrier means “water fearing.” Hydrophobic compounds do not dissolve in water easily. Instead of melted snow and ice freezing on the surface, it will evaporate. 

How to Seal Concrete

The two primary steps to seal concrete include the following: 

  1. Apply your sodium or lithium silicate densifier using a pump sprayer to saturate the surface of the concrete. You want to ensure that you evenly apply the sealer to the entire surface, repeating this up to three times. 
  2. Apply a silane siloxane sealer five to seven days later. You should also use a pump sprayer and saturate the entire surface of the concrete with a sealer evenly. You only have to apply one coat. 

Utilize a Protective Coating

Protective coatings are even more effective than sealers. When you apply a protective layer, while you have to use acrylic concrete sealers an average of every one to five years, you won’t have to re-coat epoxy or urethane coatings for five to ten years. If you apply both, you can imagine how effective your efforts in preventing concrete salt damage will be. 

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