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Check Out These Spring Maintenance Tips for Concrete Driveways

Check Out These Spring Maintenance Tips for Concrete Driveways

Minor problems can become more substantial, costly problems later. Check out these spring maintenance tips for concrete driveways.

Before we all know it, spring will be here, and you know what that means. It means spring cleaning has to happen. Also, it’s the perfect time to prepare your landscape, deck, patio, and concrete driveway for warmer weather. Concrete driveways can go through quite a struggle during the winter’s temperature swings. Minor problems can become more substantial (and costly) problems later. Check out these spring maintenance tips for concrete driveways. 

Clean Your Driveway

The first step to improving your driveway’s condition is cleaning it. You can clean it by sweeping away all the branches and leaves to be able to inspect your driveway’s surface closely. We recommend checking the exterior for mold, mildew, or algae growth. The presence of these can make a driveway more slippery and unsightly. 

It’s also best to check concrete driveways for moss growth because it can damage the surface, causing your driveway to crack, crumble, and face irreversible damage. All you need is a gentle scrub-free cleaning technique to solve these problems. A thorough cleaning keeps unwanted plants and algae away for at least a year. 

Inspect the Surface

You want to check a driveway’s health after cleaning it by examining areas where water might have pooled and draining them properly. Next, you’ll want to see if there are any areas with excessive weed growth or crumbling concrete. Otherwise, your driveway might face severe damage long-term. Expensive concrete driveway repair costs are avoidable. 

Repair and Reseal Your Driveway

It’s time to start the repair process after you have identified all problem areas. Pull out the weeds and apply concrete paint if you see small cracks. For larger cracks, you’ll need a sealant. However, you must wait at least 24 hours for the sealer to take effect. 

Call Lanham Construction

Do you need a credible company to repair your concrete driveway? If so, then rest assured that our contractors specialize in repairing concrete driveways. We’ll ensure that your concrete pavement is ready for the spring by carrying out thorough and efficient maintenance and repair measures. Count on us to protect your driveway’s lifespan. Whether you live in Lanham, Maryland, or surrounding areas, we can care for all your concrete repair and construction needs. 

You should also know that we specialize in patio, sunroom, retaining wall installation, and many other services that can prepare your property for spring. After all, you deserve a beautiful home on the inside and outside.  

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