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What You Should Know About Masonry Maintenance

What You Should Know About Masonry Maintenance

Masonry is beautiful and sturdy, creating buildings that can withstand the tests of time.

Masonry is one of the most popular building techniques in the world and one that has substantial benefits. Masonry is the art and skill of construction using individual units of a masonry material (like bricks, stones, glass block, etc) laid in mortar to create a structure. Masonry is beautiful and sturdy, creating buildings that can withstand the tests of time (and remain beautiful). Masonry that is properly constructed by a professional, skilled mason if incredibly strong and durable while also being fairly low-maintenance. Low maintenance is not the same as no-maintenance, however. Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions about masonry maintenance.

What Yearly Or Seasonal Tasks Should I Do?

Like anything that takes time and effort to complete, your masonry construction does need some maintenance. The biggest things that you have to watch out for are plants and water that can cause damage. Climbing vines are especially problematic on chimneys and brick walls, but other weeds can cause issues for patios and driveways. When you notice dirt, debris, or plants (or algae) show up, take the time to clean your masonry right away. Finally, make a point of checking your masonry for signs of damage each season and have yearly inspections completed. Certain masonry construction (like your chimney) also requires additional maintenance, like cleaning the creosote off the liner and cleaning out the firebox – you should be having a yearly cleaning and inspection done by a professional for this.

How Important Is Cleaning Masonry?

Keeping your masonry clean is an important part of maintenance, but it isn’t a hard part. Most masonry can be cleaned with a little soap and water. You won’t need to paint it or stain it, but applying a sealant might help to preserve it longer (you should discuss this with your masonry professional during your inspection). The biggest thing to make sure stays clean is the weep holes. 

What Is The Biggest Threat To My Masonry?

The biggest threats to your masonry are going to be moisture and vegetation (which often holds in moisture). Since masonry is outside, you can’t protect it completely from the weather, but making sure that it is clean, sealed if necessary, and ready to stand up to seasonal moisture is key. Also, be aware of the impact of vines and other vegetation, and don’t let them grow up your masonry structures.

What About Masonry Repair?

If you’re keeping up with cleaning (especially drain holes that might get clogged) as needed and seasonal inspections, you will hopefully uncover problems before they become huge. Masonry repairs need to be completed promptly, by a professional.  Most masonry problems can be easily fixed, but poor repairs (like DIY jobs) or ignoring the problem makes them worse very quickly. 

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