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The Effects of Not Waterproofing Your Basement

The Effects of Not Waterproofing Your Basement

Not waterproofing your basement causes significant disruption. Here are the results of not investing in basement waterproofing.

Many people know that waterproofing is a must-do for any basement remodeling project. However, are you aware of the effects of not doing so? Waterproofing your basement ensures that it will remain a durable and long-lasting space for years. However, the long-term effects aren’t all you should consider. Even in the short term, not waterproofing your basement causes significant disruption. Here are the results of not investing in basement waterproofing

Dampness Destroys a Basement

This statement might seem obvious, but not waterproofing your basement will lead to dampness. Dampness is more severe than it looks. Not only does a damp basement leave a foul-smelling odor, but it can also damage your possessions. If there is a bookshelf in your basement or phot cardboard, they can wrap and wrinkle until they become unsalvagable. 

Mold Infestation

Mold and damp spaces are synonymous. Organisms thrive and spread in moist conditions. Mold, like a wet area, is also unpleasant-smelling. Moreover, mold is dangerous because it causes respiratory problems via harmful airborne spores. This problem is especially significant if you use your basement as an extra bedroom. Eight hours of mold exposure isn’t good for your health or hygiene. 

Structural Damage

Small amounts of water might not be a significant problem. However, persistent rainfall or an accumulation of water isn’t anything to take lightly. Your basement must withstand water, whether general wetness or a flood. If the walls in your basement become saturated, this causes damage that might require building work. Cracks and crumbling mortar are the first signs of foundation damage. Although, it’s best to have a full inspection to assess exterior, interior, and load-bearing walls. Preventative waterproofing is always best to avoid a headache and high repair costs. 

You Can Rely on Lanham Construction for Your Basement Waterproofing Needs

Getting rid of excess moisture will make your home a more durable and safe place to live. We offer both traditional and external waterproofing services. Our waterproofing systems are advanced and effective. We also offer commercial waterproofing services to keep your property structurally sound. You can contact our team at Lanham Construction to learn more about basement waterproofing.

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